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Role-Playing | Community
Türkiye'nin İlk ve Tek Kaliteli Star Wars RolePlay Sunucusu STARWARS ROLEPLAY
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Community | Meme
Pipcord is a discord server created by Pip/Pikacraft64. With contests, memes, and more, you’re sure to have fun here!
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Gaming | eSports
Chill Bill - Albion Online
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Gaming | Community
Arkadaşlarınızla Eğlenebilceğiniz Bir Sunucudur Oyun Arkadaşı Bulablirisinz...
Gaming | Gaming
discord sunucumuzun sınırsız davet linkini oluşturduk arkadaşlarınızı çağırırsanız çok güzel olur :D
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Gaming | Community
We are a Minecraft server looking for builders and staff members. We are currently a new server and we are still building it. The more builders we have the faster it goes live. We are in the mists of launching Survival and working on many more.
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Social | Streaming
Bir Sephora Discord Public Sunucusu - Toplumdaki görgü kurallarına uyalım - Küfür, kavga, hakaret vb sözler sarf etmeyelim - Amacımızın eğlenmek olduğunu unutmayalım - Herkesin emeğine saygı duyalım ve ona göre konuşalım - Size nasıl davranılmasını istiyorsanız yetkili ve izleyicilere de o şekilde davranın
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Community | Gaming
Na serveru můžete najít ekonomiku, rpg dungeony, týdenní eventy, soutěže a spoustu dalších skvělých věcí!
Gaming | Role-Playing
Discord server made by Kaize for ON GAMING RP, join if you want a good and public portuguese server.
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YouTuber | Gaming
Ahojda :D Toto je Discord konkrétne YouTubera -> LukyTechnology <- No chcel by som z tohoto discordu urobiť komunitný discord. Teda budem rád pokiaľ sa tam pripojiš a budeš chatovať/komunikovať. Snažím sa na tom pracovať a práve aktivita je to čo ma najviac teší. Takže jednoznačne sa pridaj k nám :)
✧ R E B E L L I O N | L I N K Icon
Community | Gaming
Public Discord Sunucusu :) Sunucumuzda Yetkili Alımları Açıktır. Ayrıca Çeşitli Etkinlikler Ve Güzel Arkadaş Ortamıyla, İyi Ve Güzel Bir Kalite Sunmaktadır. Sunucumuzda Bulunan Kişiler Bu Tagı Alıp Yetkili Alımlarına Katılabilirler: ✧ Genel Oynanan Oyunlar: Growtopia, Brawlhalla, Valorant Herkeze, İyi Eğlenceler Dileriz :)
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Community | Gaming
**Welcome To Flare!** *We are a small Discord server, But we intend to build a big community. And guess what?* **You're invited!** *Now, what can we give to you, exactly? Well we* **Offer:** **-** Nice And Helpful Staff :tools: **-** Guess The Number :1234: **-** Active Giveaways :gift: **-** A Nice Community :thumbsup: **-** Staff Applications :hammer: **And more!** Be sure to join us! Follow the rules, and have **FUN!** Invite: https://discord.gg/nPM6jAJ
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Meme | Gaming
Casual gaming server with members from several continents focused around Jonal's Youtube channel. Join for a laid back meme server with friendly staff and over 900 members.
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Gaming | Community
Salut , moi c'est Link0974 , mais on m'appelle Link ! J'ai créé ce serveur afin de réunir ma communauté Twitch , jouer ensemble et se parler. J'ai pas grand chose a dire a part vous inviter a venir vous amuser avec nous ! c;
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Gaming | Social
Just a chill place to talk and make new friends, we are still low with members because our previous server Slecky's Chill Place was raided to a point where everyone left, we hope we can get this server big and give us a chance before you skip us :D We hope to see you here.
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Emoji | Social
A public server for Bulldog's Emotes, you are welcome to join the server however you need Discord Nitro to use them in other servers.
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Community | Social
We're dedicated to providing a fun and friendly environment for our members.
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Beliefs | Social
Ahlan wa sahlan! Haqq.Cord is a public chat dedicated to Islam and other religions. We're welcome to have you on our growing Discord community.
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Beliefs | Entertainment
Let's get to it big boys.
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Social | Community
The server is for people that like to talk online about their life. About simple things or really big things. Even if you don't think people would like that. You can talk about it. Share socialmedia or other social thingies. Share drawings or projects you made. Its for developers, designers, for social people. For buisiness men or women. Even for the simple people for simple things. Its about social contacts, no limits. We are open-minded and most of the time we don't blame anything. Even for sarcastic people, or less-social people. You find a way in this server.
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Community | Gaming
Public channel named Private Glub? What is that all about!
Perejha Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
A friendly roleplay server, of a magical world, but a tragic city, its people trapped in a eight-levelled cage as they fight for the crown. Based off the Selection series by Kiera Cass.
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Social | Entertainment
That's the remake of Discord Family since this server got deleted. Yet it's a kinda cute server with many possibilities and a great place to make new friends. Be part of the reunion. :)
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Social | Entertainment
Hey, you! Yes, you! We've got nothing else to do during these tough times with everyone stuck indoors, and this server is the perfect place to just hangout and make some friends to pass the time! Let's be real, we've got nothing else to do, so why not pop in and see what we have to offer, eh?
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Community | Gaming
Norsk offentlig hangout og gaming discord
Community | Social
join for join - j4j server.
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Gaming | eSports
League of Legends (NA) is a discord server that makes scrims easier for you and other teams. The server is open to the public and welcome every elo. If you don't have a team, you don't need to worry, this discord features channel where you can advertise your team or join other team. Looking for a League or a Tournament? There is a specific competitive channel where they are all grouped.
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Community | Streaming | Gaming
A server dedicated for my twitch! Join the community and gain access to server games and twitch benefits as you level up!
RustyThunderGaming Icon
Gaming | Community
This a new discord setup to host and organize events and servers. We hope to make an ever growing community to unite gamers, memers and the like. Join now, we will be hosting events within the next week or so. We will also be looking for volunteer staff when available positions are needed.
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Community | Social
Vibe Corporation Icon
Gaming | Social
Friendly, Public, Not-Toxic, Gaming, Small,
Creative Lab Icon
Community | Social
Hey guys, we are a creative community about little to everything creative!...No matter if you are a YouTuber, gamer, content-creator, techy, coder, artist or just someone who likes to check out random servers...I' pretty sure that you might be interested in joining our community! What we got/Server advantages: 1) Tons of text channels and plenty of voice channels customized for each and every aspect of creativity (Some channels are privated so go and get your roles before unlocking them 2) Millions of roles...Including custom roles and general roles (190 roles to be exactly accurate), We got a whole lotta cool roles for each and every hobby/job/event/color roles/exclusive/activity roles and other stuff...Trust me, you can have a lot of cool roles if you just stay active for a decent amount of time and participate in a good amount of events!
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Gaming | YouTuber
We Play Games...
Salty Spitoon Icon
Community | Gaming
Just a half salt half Oasis of sorts.
Join fURXER!
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Social | Community
The official Publicz Discord is the place to discuss politics, ethics, philosophy, and public policy. We promote open dialogue and communication, as well as free inquiry and expression with a focus on quality discussion. We encourage members to share their views and bring up topics that matter to them. Friendly and active moderation Mixed ideology community Free speech Regular voice chats Informal debates Share and cover news & current events Community media recommendations and #documentary-a-day
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Role-Playing | Community
Please keep in mind EGC is a serious gaming community, there is no place for toxicity and drama! And in-game we stay in character Again welcome to the community and enjoy our server! :-)
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Community | Meme
A public server with no rules and much much MUCH joy... lol Oh and we need at least 100 characters of description... so... now they are reached
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Gaming | Community
Hey you! Welcome to the Gamer Girl Empire server. Here we play games, kick-ass, and talk to new people, take advantage of our bots, the 18+ zone, active chats, and everything else we have to offer!
Community | Gaming
┌───── •✧✧• ─────┐ ◆ NIGHT CLUB ◆ └───── •✧✧• ─────┘ ◆Welcome to NIGHT CLUB server , the ultimate chill server for both early birds and night owls! And having gaming vc and public vc too and you can make your team/group role too, A safe space for all individuals to socialise and have fun!◆ ◆Target: 1,000 memberscrescent_moon◆ »»————-  ★ ————-«« ╰─➤┊ Amazing members ╰─➤┊ Exciting events ╰─➤┊ Roles and perks ╰─➤┊ Casino gameplay ╰─➤┊ Leaderboard rewards ╰─➤┊ Entertaining bots ╰─➤┊ Roleplay, fun, gamenights ect. ╰─➤┊ Voice channel ╰─➤┊ Incredible staff ╰─➤┊ Interesting perks too ╰─➤┊ Many more... »»————-  ★ ————-«« ◆ Join today and support us! ◆
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Community | Gaming
Merhaba dostum! Burası SocialPub, burada yeni arkadaşlar edinebilir, oyunlar oyanayabilir, dizi-film gecelerimize katılabilir, canlı maçları izleyebilirsin! Sıcak aile yuvamıza sende katıl!
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Community | Entertainment
`▬▬▬▬▬ ArseniX #YetkiliAlım ▬▬▬▬▬` ║► 👋🏻 Merhaba Samimi Aile Ortamı Sunucu mu Arıyorsun.? ║► 😇 Ailemize Katılmaya Ne Dersin. ║► 💬 Burada Samimi Ailen gibi Sohbet Edebilirsin. ║► 🌐 7/24 Yetkili ve Destek Ekibi ║► 🤹 Canın mı Sıkkın Üzülme Terapistimiz Var. ║► 💕 **TAG** Alarak Sende Ailemize Katılabilirsin. ║► 📊 Odalar Tam Senin İstediğine Göre Düzenlendi. ║► 🎉 Çekilişler Seni Bekliyor.! ║► 🎊 Haydi Ne Duruyorsun. ║► 🥺 Sen Yoksan Bir Kişi Eksiğiz.. ║► 🔐 **Giriş Anahtarını Aşağı da.!!** ║► 📍 *[Yetkili Alımımız Açık]* `▬▬▬▬▬ ArseniX #YetkiliAlım ▬▬▬▬▬` ║► 🔑 https://discord.gg/j9dTBttv8m
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Gaming | Art
Indian Minecraft SMP For anyone who wants to play on 1.17 with custom features
Galactic Community Icon
Community | Community
A diverse community. Friendly chats. Events. HUGE giveaways! MANY MANY CHANCE TO WIN MILLIONS TOGETHER. friendly heists and MANY MORE!
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Community | Social
A big projekt on the way, world first projekt. If you want to help with the projekt join us. Thanks for now.