Tengoku is a public anime server styled around Raphiel from Gabriel DropOut. We offer chill staff, fun bots, tons of self roles for personality, levels with rewards, and more! Join us today and meet some interesting people and personalities!
Roblox vibe is a roblox gaming server. It’s made for people who wants to play roblox with others or simply talk about it!
✨ `Welcome To Razi's Realm!` ✨ The Realm is honestly just a place to get away from toxicity and drama!~ Furry oriented features and channels, but still capable of being a chill place if you're not interested in that. There is definitely NSFW which you will
The official Publicz Discord is the place to discuss politics, ethics, philosophy, and public policy. We promote open dialogue and communication, as well as free inquiry and expression with a focus on quality discussion. We encourage members to share their views and bring up topics that matter to them. Friendly and active moderation Mixed ideology community Free speech Regular voice chats Informal debates Share and cover news & current events Community media recommendations and #documentary-a-day
Avez-vous déjà imaginé un discord où il y a toujours du monde ? NoLifeNation est fait pour vous ! Notre but est de faire en sorte que des personnes puissent se rencontrer et parler librement dans une ambiance posée Nous recrutement actuellement du staff !
Gaming eSports Organisation Public server.
A roleplay server, we need more people for it. You can use any OC that follows the rules.
An up and coming cook group dedicating to helping you secure the most hyped items for less. Let us know what you want to see and we will get on it.
C4F - Community4Friends is a strong community with a public discord. We have free music and a very friendly staff. Here you can find other friends to talk and play.
Welcome to Kaldorei Empire, warrior !
**Welcome To Flare!** *We are a small Discord server, But we intend to build a big community. And guess what?* **You're invited!** *Now, what can we give to you, exactly? Well we* **Offer:** **-** Nice And Helpful Staff :tools: **-** Guess The Number :1234: **-** Active Giveaways :gift: **-** A Nice Community :thumbsup: **-** Staff Applications :hammer: **And more!** Be sure to join us! Follow the rules, and have **FUN!** Invite: https://discord.gg/nPM6jAJ
Casual gaming server with members from several continents focused around Jonal's Youtube channel. Join for a laid back meme server with friendly staff and over 900 members.
Salut , moi c'est Link0974 , mais on m'appelle Link ! J'ai créé ce serveur afin de réunir ma communauté Twitch , jouer ensemble et se parler. J'ai pas grand chose a dire a part vous inviter a venir vous amuser avec nous ! c;
SqVaD Discord. Come make friends, talk in voice, level up and earn ranks, play the casinos and mini games to earn points to use in the store. Smart bots enabled. Come enjoy
Just a chill place to talk and make new friends, we are still low with members because our previous server Slecky's Chill Place was raided to a point where everyone left, we hope we can get this server big and give us a chance before you skip us :D We hope to see you here.
A public server for bulldog's emojis and for everyone ! You need Nitro to use them in other servers.
We're dedicated to providing a fun and friendly environment for our members.
Ahlan wa sahlan! Haqq.Cord is a public chat dedicated to Islam and other religions. We're welcome to have you on our growing Discord community.
Let's get to it big boys.
Kapsea Plaza, this is a multi-purpose Australian based discord server that welcomes all and is multicultural. This is mainly a server to hang out, play games, talk to new people and have fun. We are a fast-growing community that is hoping to bring people together from all around the world. We want this to be a safe and chill place for everyone. if you have any issues our Staff or Moderators will try their best to keep everything under control and assist you with any problems and make sure you are comfortable as long as you are following the rules. I Hope to see you in there and enjoy being apart of our lit community!
Free, public minecraft server! We would love to have you!
communauté , Gaming , Team , Fun , Bonne ambiance
A small Discord Server that is looking for people who play a lot of games and talk a lot. Come join us now to be sewn in to our string!Welcome to String Corps! What do we have to offer? -An active and chill community to be apart of! -Weekly game and movie nights, with the choices being picked by YOU the member! -A wide variety of bots to interact with, such as Pokecord and IdleRPG! -An NSFW chat for those who want to express themselves without any judgement -Channels to post and share your animals and art! -Specific roles we are working on that you can acquire over time! -Multiple different game channels for all your gaming needs! -Suggestions channel for any ideas you may want to throw at us! So what are you waiting for? Come and be apart of String Corps. today!
A server bringing together every type of person to enjoy oneself in different activities. No judgement is shown and everyone is respected and can be happy. Hop in and stay awhile!
Donate: https://paypal.me/R3T1K0pay
The server is for people that like to talk online about their life. About simple things or really big things. Even if you don't think people would like that. You can talk about it. Share socialmedia or other social thingies. Share drawings or projects you made. Its for developers, designers, for social people. For buisiness men or women. Even for the simple people for simple things. Its about social contacts, no limits. We are open-minded and most of the time we don't blame anything. Even for sarcastic people, or less-social people. You find a way in this server.
Isn't it lovely how the snow falls so slowly?
Public channel named Private Glub? What is that all about!
A friendly roleplay server, of a magical world, but a tragic city, its people trapped in a eight-levelled cage as they fight for the crown. Based off the Selection series by Kiera Cass.
Atheist / agnostic lounge with politics allowed
- League of Legends - Dicas - Guias - Builds - Counters - Gartic - Level - Eventos - Sorteios - Interação - Memes - FanArts
That's the remake of Discord Family since this server got deleted. Yet it's a kinda cute server with many possibilities and a great place to make new friends. Be part of the reunion. :)
Welcome to Meow Cat🐈
German Gaming Community Rainbow Six Siege