warrior cats fan-made roleplaying server :-)
An RP server for fans of SCP. OC focused without any canon characters. Feel free to join!
Open staff Adopt Oasis Wondering what Adopt Oasis is? Adopt Oasis is a place that you can buy, sell, trade and look at others adoptables! What are adopts? Adopts are fictional characters used in various reasons such as roleplay, drawing, writing, and any reason you'd like! Why join Adopt Oasis? Not only are we looking for staff, but you can promote your own social media and information such as commissions and other things. It's a place to share your art and connect with other artists, or simply just to look around! What can you do? -Participate in events -Post your content -Meet other artists -Promote your social media -Gain art critique and help -See others creations -Make a profit -Learn more about the adopt community! Anything else? Yes! We have self given roles, and earned ones, too. You can get on the featured adopts page if we deem your adopt worthy! The staff are friendly and online at all times to give you help.
Nelson Boarding School is a roleplaying server where you can create a character and have them interact with others' characters in a modern day, realistic boarding school setting. It'll be interesting, trust me.
It's been 3,000 years since the holy war and the demon's sealing has finally come to an end, the ten commandments run rogue throughout the streets, who will be the ones to stop them? Take forth in this Seven Deadly Sins collaborative novel where all characters are original and the storyline brand new and where races like Dragons and Vampires are thrown in the mix as well! Probably one of the only servers where all canon characters are replaced with OCs of our own. In this server we offer... - Over 50 RP channels fully organized - Balanced templates for characters to ensure no god-modding - Friendly and fun community - Permission to kill rule - Fully organized roles - All characters are completely original And more to come! But seeing it with your own eyes will explain it better then I can, join today and see what we're all about! Please note we're in the middle of reviving the server so there are a lot of dead users in the offline list, this does not mean we're dead, however.