Art | Community
Welcome to.. [Paint-Splatter]🎨! Were so excited to have you! Below you can find information on how the server works and all the unique things we have in the works!.. Have fun painting : ) -=What we offer=- 🎨Fun bots to play around with! 🎨Chats, Voice chats, and Mature chats! 🎨Colorful nicknames! 🎨A place to share your art! 🎨Friendly staff and players! 🎨Self promotion- so we can find more of your work!
Art | Community
⭐️FREE weekly ART TUTORIALS, ⭐️ FREE Custom Brushes, ⭐️ CUSTOM Randomizers, ⭐️INSPIRATIONAL art, ⭐️ART COMMUNITY, ⭐️EXCLUSIVE content, and so much more!
Gaming | Anime
This server contains music,gaming,anime,and more we welcome anyone that wants to join feel free too.
Art | Gaming
O servidor SSG é uma comunidade do discord para artistas e não artistas compartilharem seu entusiasmo por artes. Desenhos, Musica, Pinturas, Escrita, Fotografia e o que mais você imaginar.