『☾』 ◦The Community◦ 『☾』 Booster Perks!◦ 『☾』 Active and fun server!◦ 『☾』 ◦Art and Music!◦ And much more of course! Come find out for yourself!
『☾』 ◦The Community◦ 『☾』 Booster Perks!◦ 『☾』 Active and fun server!◦ 『☾』 ◦Art and Music!◦ And much more of course! Come find out for yourself!
This is a gaming discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other members, and make new friends. This is mainly a server to play games, talk to new people everyday, we host events and giveaways every week. Everyone is welcome in our fast-growing community as long as you're following the rules. Everyone within staff will try their best to keep everything under control, solve problems and make sure you, as a member, are comfortable. Hope you enjoy being apart of our gaming community!
We welcome everyone with a open heart. I have to say we dont have alot to offer and we are a small server but as we grow with your support we will do everything we can! All this server has to offer for now is : -Giveaways (currently a steam key giveaway) -Chill -Make New Friends -Gaming -Anime (with owner) https://discord.gg/vXU8AcX
_***Cocaine Slave Trade***_ 👹 `is a ”cult“ that has connections to the Mexican Cartel and Italian Mafia. We are a friendly community of insane crackheads and are looking to grow.` 👹 gaming. 👹 chatting 👹 memes. 👹 nsfw. 👹 self promotions. ***WE DO SACRAFICES EVERY MONDAY AT 5PM EST.*** 👹 We'd love for you to join and overdose with us.
Server for friendly gamers!
A gaming server with a lot of special people to make friends with! Everyone is welcome, especially if you like to play games like
G'day all Bored Aussies from across the land! We're an Australian Discord chat community originating from Austnet IRC. Active chat and group voice chats daily with over 1000 members. The recommended age is 18+ and you don't have to just be from Australia to join either, everyone is welcome!
Hey there! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are a friendly community server that's unique in a lot of aspects! We are a bunch of potterheads reunited together with the goal of helping others who are going threw harder times. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do we have to offer? -Personalized roles -Events and giveaways -Bunch of channels! -Friendly members -Open to partnerships -Staff Applications are currently opened! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please note we aren't proffessionals in any way nor claim to be ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I hope to see you in the server soon!
anime, social, chill, new, looking for staff, looking for partnerships
A well-organised startup community looking for anyone who just wants to vibe, make new friends and/or help improve the place. We (will) have: - vibes - gaming sessions - userphone - interesting bots - a suggestions channel See you there!
Soft Hours is a small friendly server for anyone looking to make friends and have a nice time!
a very bad server
Fun loving chill server for all people.
Friendly server with active members~ We have bots, self roles, and many more! We can’t wait to see you here~
A place for people to hangout , socialize and be friendly! Chill chat and fun channels :P Come join us!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔷 Leveling System 🔴 VERY SWEET MEMES 🔷 Partnership is offered out
we're a nice and cozy server with an active community! join us and make some new friends uwu <3
Welcome to Nadaya’s Café ✧・゚: *✧・゚ A discord server where we all gather and talk about fun topics such as anime! Our server has: ✯ Self assignable roles. ✯ Fun channels. ✯ Memes. ✯ Hangout and make new friends. ✯ Community server. ✯ Giveaways. ✯ Fun bots. ✯ Emotes. ✯ Events in future. ✯ Partnerships. ✯ Looking for active staff.
A brand new, LGBTQ, fun and friendly server where everyone’s accepted and welcome!
| The Gate To Liberty | Searching a community server who does giveaways and is SFW? Then you finally found the right place!
A new, small community solely made for discussion and fun.
Welcome to #The Equality Project! The Equality Project (#TEP) started on February 24th 2018 is a project dedicated to helping others. This includes suicide, depression, anxiety, the problems with our world. The staff and members are here to try and help people who deal with these, because sometimes people just need to talk. This discord is to show everyone regardless of age, sexuality, ethnicity and anything about anyone makes them equal. Join The Equality Project today to show and make a difference! Amazing staff members Wonderful community members Fun events! Advice and help with serious matters 300+ members!
୨💙୧│Shimo is a chill & semi-modded server with a dark aesthetic, our theme is Cold Nights so you'll find snowflakes, frozen treats and black hearts everywhere! We strive to create a safe, non-toxic environment where our members can be themselves without strict rules to hold them back! Everyone wil
Offizieller 1RedCow1 Commiunity Server. YouTube: 1RedCow1 Wir Freuen uns wenn du Joinst :D
Mean Butts & Candy Canes gives you the chance to make some new friends, post yours creative content, game, and generally smile. We want to brighten up your days with a splash of happiness and time to have a joke around. We have our own discord bot as well!
A chill community server & a great place to make friends. We also have a few bots to satisfy your entertainment needs.
For shitposting, gaming or whatever - no annoying rules or powertripping mods
───── Evergarden ───── ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚❀ ⋆。˚❃ ┊ ┊ ┊ ✿ ┊ ┊ ❁⋆ ┊ ┊ ✾ ⋆ ┊. ˚. ˚✽ ╭┈─────── . ˚. ╰┈➤ Welcome to Evergarden, a newly founded server focused around Mental Health. Our goal is to speak out against stigma and provide a safe space for everyone to educate, find, and provide support. Here we celebrate mental health and do our best to care for one another, so come check us out and be heard. ♡ ┊What We Offer ˚ 13+ community ˚ 100% sfw ˚ non-toxic ˚ lgbtq+ friendly ˚ a welcoming and safe environment ˚ mental health resources ˚ support ˚ voice channels ˚ venting ˚ self-care ˚ advice ˚ serious discussion ˚ relaxation bots ˚ bots for DID/OSDD -- PluralKit and TupperBox ˚ anonymous posting for comfort ˚ self-roles and colors ˚ birthday celebrations ˚ partnerships ˚ global emotes ˚ events and giveaways coming soon ˚ staff applications ╰─────────
Badger World is server built to become a social hub for everyone. Reason it’s badger theme is because well I love them. I want this server to become big one day!
In our server, we offer: 🦆NSFW channels 🦆 75+ emotes 🦆 plenty of self roles 🦆friendly and lenient moderators 🦆partnerships And much more~
>Friendly • Active • Non-toxic Community >Levels Hierarchy • Special Rewards For Different Levels And Roles >Lots Of Self Assignable Roles >DankMemer • OwO • Pokécord • Music • And More Great Bots >Weekly/Monthly Special Advertising • Nitro • And Other Great Giveaways! >General • Gaming • Anime • Technology • And Lots More Great Chat Channels! >LGBTQ+ Friendly >Weekly/Monthly Movie & Game Events! >Small to Mega Partnerships >Special Advertising Channels >NSFW Chats For 18+ Members >And More So Come Join To Find Out
Please join us! We are a BTS Army server! We are non toxic and.. wait wait wait why dont you just join? And we will tell you what we feature here! Last update: 14/03/2020
This is the most relaxing and cute Kpop server. Please join us and you will never regret it!!
==============Salve============== -Friendly server -Chill place to hang -Fun Roles and games -Meme heaven what else can i say, join now baby lets get the party started =================================
Join us at qt-corner!! a community server with an aesthetic-minimal layout. we have active chats where you can share art, memes or rant. This is also a vc friendly space so don't hesitate to join us for a talk, play some games, karaoke or to simply just chill and listen to music! (125+ members)
ʚ 🌸ɞ˚₊ Welcome to Neko Café we are a completely a Hangout server, with a friendly environment that does not tolerate toxicity or drama! some of the stuff we can provide you are ~ ʚɞ・゚ 🌸⋆ ˚₊ ʚɞ˚˚₊⋆ ୨୧ ⋆₊˚˚ʚ 🌸ɞ₊˚⋆⋆ ˚₊ʚ ・゚ɞ₊˚˚ʚɞ₊˚⋆⋆ ˚₊ʚɞ˚⋆⋆ ˚₊ʚ 🌸ɞ ʚ 🌸ɞ・゚┊ Lots of fun bots such as mudae, OwO ,and Mantaro for your benefits ʚ 🌸ɞ・゚┊Lots of channels such as art, pets, food so you can show off your skills! ʚ 🌸ɞ・゚┊ A welcoming and friendly community of users and auto mods that prevent raids and mass pings! 🌸⋆ ˚₊ ʚɞ˚˚₊⋆ ୨୧ ⋆₊˚˚ʚɞ₊˚⋆⋆ ˚₊ʚɞ₊˚˚ʚɞ₊˚⋆⋆ ˚₊ʚɞ˚⋆⋆ ˚₊ʚ We hope that you'll be able to join our nice community! and make some friends ;D ┊┊┊┊ 🌸 🌸┊┊┊☆ ┊┊ ┊┊ 🌸 ┊☆ ° 🌸
Get involved in an all-new community server to interact with others online, there is no specific theme/topic to give you as much freedom as possible! We also host casual events such as playing UNO etc... so do stop by if you got time.