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Pantomath Trading Group is a community for stock traders of all experience levels. We are an educational and supportive community of traders. The purpose of our chat room is to learn from one another through the mistakes and triumphs of our pantomath peers.
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We're a bunch of techies and personal finance junkies who talk about personal finance, investing, financial independence, and how to achieve our dreams. Interested in Financial Independence or Retiring Early? Interested in bogleheads or mr money mustache? Are you an expert or newbie with personal finance? Do you own properties are do you want to? Are you trying to figure out how to track your net worth, or are you already a millionaire? No one excluded, no matter your situation - join us in our personal finance discord server?
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Join our investing community! Meet people of all kinds: Diamond Hand :gem::hand_splayed_tone1:, High Conviction :chart_with_upwards_trend:, Penny Stocks :fingers_crossed_tone1:, Cryptocurrency :heavy_dollar_sign:, Dividend :dollar: