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'@・・・・・・ Welcome to the DRAXMON ZYNX !・・・・・ About us: We're a fairly new server, laid back but a well monitored server through active and friendly staff. We're a geeky-nerdy community, filled with goofs and giggles, and based around Pokemon. We have Pokecord, Pokeverse , Tatsumaki , Dank memer , Mew bot and even Toasty! We have various events, milestone giveaways and pokemon Gyms! ・・・Additional Stuff ・・・ 👉 Active and enthusiastic staff. 👉 Online dating 👉 Erotic roleplay 👉 Friendly and supportive members. 👉 Roles to unlock hidden channels. 👉 Nitro User Friendly 👉 LGBTQ+ Friendly. 👉 YouTuber friendly. 👉 Daily Giveaways, Weekly Events, Scheduled Events. Lots of Prizes In-Server Teams, Weekly and Monthly Missions. Looking for: More active members! We really want to host more fun events within this server, but we need a little boost from your activity! So don't hesitate to join, come and talk with us! We love to meet new people and make new friends!
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Chill server, focused on pokemon, anime and shit.
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Come on into Snom's Palace, a server for Pokemon and Pokeverse! We have: -SNOM -FREQUENT GIVEAWAYS -Question of the day -POKEVERSE -POKECORD 2.0 -VARUBOT -OWO -YGGDRASIL -DANK MEMER -FUN -MORE!