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♡ Andromeda Entertainment is a Korean entertainment company established on July 21, 2010. It was founded by Jung Eunwoo, a successful businesswoman who worked as nothing more than a receptionist. When the company first started, many people doubted her work and figured the company could never get far with a woman as its CEO. In the year 2011, Andromeda Entertainment opened its doors to trainees and was meet with potential idols. After signing the big hit of a group, internationally known as Mellow, Andromeda has continued to sign many other great KPOP groups. By the year 2019, Andromeda has become known as one of the most successful Korean entertainment companies. Since this achievement, many trainees have struggled to debut. Some may stay trainees for years and others may never debut. The competition has risen greatly, will your character make it in this industry? ༉ ゚
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A nice, currently small with active staff and members server! It's dedicated to Red Velvet! We have daily stuff happening like ''Conspiracy Of The Day'', ''Question Of The Day'', polls, events, etc.
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A fun server to make friends and talk about your love for kpop girl groups!:)💗
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A server about kpop girl groups,we are looking to revive the server,the members are friendly and we have active staff!
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A unique and cute Blackpink and Red Velvet Server 🚀⊹˚ Social Media Updates 🔮⊹˚ Self-promotion for Level 1+ 🍯⊹˚ Come and Join Us! We're waiting for you