Community | Gaming
Server nel quale puoi giocare e conversare con altre persone sugli argomenti che più ti piacciono. Principalmente, il gioco dominante è osu! ma spesso si gioca anche a molti altri giochi. Siete liberi di passare per fare "quattro chiacchere"!
Gaming | Music
A modding community for AUDICA where members discuss and share custom songs, custom guns, mods, and more.
Hobbies | Gaming
We're a community that loves to play Maimai, an arcade rhythm game by Sega. VICTORY!
Anime | Gaming
The main server for the thomascatlow Twitch channel, mainly focused on the rhythm game, osu!.
Gaming | Community
osu! based server (Not a relax server) for any osu! players. Roles in the server is based off your digit, and you will be assigned a role with a colour based on your ranking. For example 1 digit: Yellow, 2 digit: Red, 3 digit: Orange etc. Channels to post any scores you set and a best of the month channel, made to showcase one of your best scores from each month of the year.