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Runescape Gambling and Giveaways!
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We are the Better Bettors, a group of runescape players who just like to come together and assist in staking,pvm,and other aspects of the game as a whole. A place where your thoughts/feelings matter! Come on in and join us on discord and see if you enjoy yourself. Im sure you will!
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New years GIVEAWAY! up to 100m+ (starting 31-12-2020) 4x Armadyl godsword 5x Zamorak godsword 5x Dragon platebody 5x Abyssal whip 5x Amulet of fury 5X Berserker ring
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RS3 Buddy is a community server for all things RuneScape3 related. It's you one-stop shop for all of the latest and greatest information, tips and tricks and much more.
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We are mainly for old school runescape but we also support runescape 3 players.