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Welcome to the LucidGaming community where we host the best Vanilla-inspired servers on Rust! Modded with Half Craft, Furnace Splitter, Shorter Nights, No Fuel for Lights, Larger Stack Sizes, Player Ranks, Clans, PM and a careful selection of other mods that makes the perfect, optimized, lightly modded and authentic Rust experience with perfectly balanced gameplay! Monthly wipes, alongside Rust’s forced updates. The servers are designed for people who don't have the time to play 24/7 and for anyone to join at any time of the month! Discord invite link:
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Server IP: Mapsize: 3.5k Group Limit: MAX 2
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A chill community that also so happens to own a rust server™
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VIVARIUM Rust Server
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Hey, we're a Rust server! This is a Vanilla server, come join us! We are growing everyday. You can also chat with the people on Rust, see who died and you can see who joined or left the Rust server! Pretty cool right? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to join our Rust server? Join our Discord for the info or if you want to check it out first before joining our Discord, here are 2 ways: 1. Press F1 in Rust and type: "client.connect" 2. Type "[US] RETRIO (SOLO/DUO/TRIO) NOOB FRIENDLY" in the "Community" tab --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We hope to see you in Retrio! Have a nice day.