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Notes.txt (Date modified: January 5th, 3329): I'm going to write this here, as to not forget the past. There are a few things that are kept untold, the war of 3327, the war of 2500, so many wars and destruction has occurred in the past. But we've finally achieved peace, thats for sure. I've lived on this planet for hundreds of years, changing my parts, limbs, the only thing that is original about my body is my chips, cores, and memory. If my memory isn't corrupted, I remember seeing quite a lot of wildlife and flora outside of the borders, which is most likely the result of no one touching it after decades on. I'm writing this as a reminder, for myself, and for others. I placed this in the Note.txt files for all of the students to read. You can do whatever you want with this file, but I suggest you not deleting the data. After all, it doesn't hurt knowing the unknown, now does it?