This is the Galactic Force Cluster, a fairly new roleplay server that takes place in a futurist setting.
➣ - Explore the Anchora system, discover its original lore, meet other role-players, NPC's, and factions ➣ - Make a name for yourself in Anchora, make allies and enemy's, and choose your side ➣ - Make friends with a welcoming community and staff, who are always willing to help you
Welcome to Durano Ozone! Here, we welcome all kinds of people and things! Are you a Titanfall fan? Are you a Halo fan? Do you just like Sci-Fi in general? Here's your place! You can roleplay as anything that's Sci-Fi and space based! This is brand new, so there's nobody here except the owner, Petty Officer Tarra. (MarKhaos)