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"Hykings first appeared almost a millennia ago when a moon fell down to earth. Beside their existence, that calamity brought about the beginning of the Crown Age. Nowadays, Hykings still roam the world causing wars and death wherever they go. None of them has ever been able to break the chains of the millennial curse, yet." ===== Updates every other Sunday! Bi-Weekly! ===== LINKS: Instagram: Webtoons:
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Join a community where you can talk about your favourite animes and come up with interesting theories, you can talk about games, talk in voice chat while listening to music! The sky is the limit at our server!
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★彡 Shounen Academy 彡★ We are a server for anyone who wants to chill, hang out, and make new friends! Whether you like to watch anime, read manga, play video games, or just socialize in general, this server is for you! We have a ton of active, friendly members, as well as many game bots, events, and