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serveur discord francais fun/convivial
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Hey, join our server for a great gaming experience with friendly players! Smash, Splatoon, Mario Kart, and more games for the Nintendo Switch! The rules are light and easy to follow, and we have plenty of chats to use. We also host tourneys often, and have support for streamers.
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This is the chaotic Discord server of the Twitch streamer MaximzM []
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{Welcome to Splat On! We are primarily Splatoon based but we play and talk about other games } We have a clan called The Calamari Crew sparkles tickets We have tons of roles, from color, to hobbies We sometimes host giveaways We host tons of daily events including fan made splatfets We have a responsible, experienced and kind staff team We also have tons of bots including Dank Memer and Spyke Bot We also have a promotion channel So join today -》