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A hip music server full of amazing members! Friendly community, spectacular staff. Join for the best vibes!
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Join Now The #1 Invite Reward Server! - 100% Real Rewards! Join The Server And See For Yourself, You Have Nothing To Lose! Join Now And Dont Miss Out On These Juicy Rewards!
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#1 Spotify Giftcards Shop - Here you can get Spotify Giftcards at 50% off - You can add gift card to your Spotify account at a good price than spotify. - Join the server open a ticket from create-ticket channel and buy for yourself or you can resell it at your price.
Music | Entertainment
Love listening to music? Looking to get into music? All different music newbies and lovers welcome. You've found the right place to share your music taste and socialize with others of the same interests. We have a special bot that detects what you're listening to on Spotify, and looks for other people listening to the same music. So you can find people listening to the same type of music and share songs.
Music | Social
Spotify lounge A new unofficial discord server for those who are using Spotify on a daily basis. you can either search or share your profile or your playlists. there are genres rooms so you can search,share, or even talk about a song from a specific genre then come on, we are waiting for you.
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discord server for anyone, with a lot of pointless channels
Community | Entertainment
Biggest and Cheapest discord server, you can find any virtual item here and get it for a unbelievably cheap price, join for giveaways and amazing products
Entertainment | Streaming
:microphone2: Welcome to toomuchhashle! :microphone2: We are two friends from London who both have always wanted to start our own streaming platforms. Two is better than one, so we thought we'd give it a go! We share our daily life hassles on our Podcasts and give our opinion on everything! (Yes, OUR opinions) We aim to start a YouTube channel as well which will have a wide range of content (everything from a cocktail show to daily vlogs) - as soon as lockdown is over. :poop: Please join us on our journey and spread the word!!
Community | Business
Dropzone is a discord server which allows you to obtain drops that may includes accounts such as Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, NordVPN, and so much more!
Business | Gaming
Buy a variety of accounts for cheap dollar prices! Long warranties, and tons of products.
Entertainment | Meme
Almost daily giveaway of all kinds of stuff! For example minecraft, spotify, netflix or even nitro!
Gaming | Business
cheapest market for legal accounts
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Join a great Spotify loving community, where you can find all of the answers to your musical needs. Just give it a try.
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this server is great staff is so chill u can appeal or ask anything free giveaways every 8 hours join now free netflix, spotify, hulu , fn and many more
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Are you looking for a discord server where Fortnite and other types of accounts are sold? Well! Then this discord server is for you!
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In this server you can check out my shop. I sell cheap accounts for netflix, spotify, ... Come check it out
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Gaming Music Livestreaming Hangout
Music | Bot
The Official Discord Server for Beat, the simplistic but customizable music bot, without the pay-walled features!
Programming | Gaming
Serveur basé sur l'entraide, giveway Nitro !
Community | Gaming
Users can do so much in this server. They can share pictures from their instagram and they can even share their YT videos! And you can also chill in general and make friends. Hope you enjoy it here and to always follow the rules please. :)