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A server for Katy Perry fans.
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Multi kpop and anime server. What we offer?: - bands roles in the near future - server economy (in development) - and more
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Welcome to The Land Of Pop! The brand new non-toxic music community. Come here to discuss your favourite pop music. This server prides itself on providing a welcoming, friendly environment free from harassment and bullying. We welcome discussion of music from any era and have dedicated throwback channels for the 00s, 90s and older. Of course, we also discuss new music releases from all our favourite pop icons. There are dedicated genre channels for rock & metal and rap & hip hop so if you fancy a break from pop then hang loose there. We have several bots including Pokemon bot, Unobot and some last fm bots. Come and get involved and see what's popping in The Land Of Pop
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𓂃▸ : : : K-Fanclub Discord lost in a sea of lightsticks ✃-- post kpop news often ✃-- giveaways and gamenights ✃-- lqbtqia+ supportive and ally ✃-- partnerships/alliances + a seperate advertising channel for everyone ✃-- non k-fans always welcomed