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☆ are you tired of joining star stable servers, only to find that they're filled with little kids? bored of not being able to cuss? annoyed at keeping your mouth shut about glitches? then ☆eggsy's third eye☆ is the perfect hangout for you. ☆ ☆ fun bots ☆ relaxed and open mods ☆ a text and voice channel for each star stable server ☆ and more! ☆ see you there! ✰
Gaming | Social
SSO crew™️ is a discord server where you can interact with other players from all over the world. We offer: - A classroom! Are you stuck with your homework, or do you wanna teach people your language, or learn other languages from other players? Teacher or Student roles are free and available for everyone. - Art channel! For sharing your art or taking a look at other creations. - Star Stable codes, never miss a new code! And much more, like: memes, tiktoks, a dirty minded channel (when requested), share your IRL photos, promote yourself and serious talking if you need help or advice. We hope to see you there, everyone is welcome! (swearing is allowed in this server, but no 18+ content. No anti LGBTQ+ or racist chats or jokes are allowed.)