Need a place to just hang out and chill with other equestrians? Join our friendly server Horse City! We are a knit-close community that has so much to offer! We are currently in a small state but we're growing and welcoming new faces. We hope you enjoy you're time. We currently have... »A place to introduce yourself to other riders »English and Western discipline chats »Questions and Answers chat »A place to share pics and vids of your horse »Music »And many more!
Hi, this is a community for horse lovers and some anime. We play Alicia Online and Star Stable Online 💕🐴 SSO Server: Sunny Mountain & Unicorn Forest Everyone is welcome <3
Hello! Do you dislike the censur of star stable online, then this is the server for you! In this chat we come from all over Star Stables servers, from sweden to australia! Welcome to join! In this server we can talk and discuss things about everything and not get censured or banned! Welcome to the international Chat of Star Stables Community!
This is a public discord server for all things Equestrian. You don't have to work with horses irl to be part of the server, but at least some interest in horses is a requirement.
Our story takes place admist a large continent known as, Beaquwa Pura (pronounced Beh-ah-qua Po-rah). It is told, by the natives of the land, that the horses, the national animal of Beaquwa Pura, is what embodies the heart of the land. Within each of the bodies of these majestic beasts, lies the blood of the land. Be kind to them and they'll be kind to you as well. In the equine culture, there are large herds that rule over the many corners of the land, each with their own characteristics. Although, it isn't rare to find a few herds that aren't from the four major ones. The horses range from all breeds, all sizes and colors, personalities and temperaments, their variety is limitless.