LGBT | Social
My goal is to cultivate a small and happy environment with people who need a far more positive atmosphere. A place to go to to seek friends and overcome a sense of loneliness and isolation one might feel if they are a part of GSRM
A gaming community that focuses on having fun with others.
Community | Gaming
Hey! Welcome to the Grove! This is a future Community, Game Server in the Making! I just thought about this.. because many Community Servers do not fit my needs.. and look crap sometimes too! Well, here, i will leave anyone his opinion for Improvements and changes and will possibly adapt to it. Any Games Welcome. Games that will probably be avaiable soon/primarily are: PokeMMO No Man's Sky Dota 2 League of Legends CS-GO Rocket League DayZ PuBG Starbound Terraria Minecraft? Maybe Valorant in future Apex Legends Just Everything, get as many players inside as you can! Invite your Friends, lets create the Mass! Mu mu mu mu Multiplayer Gaming huahuahua Grovebird
Gaming | Meme
My YouTube discord server! I am a very small YouTuber, but I still work very hard on my videos and on my discord server. It has a main text channel, memes, some fun commands, and a unique daily challenge & leveling system, just to show off how active you are. The people who are in the server so far are generally completely inactive, so maybe you guys could at least help populate it a bit? :) My YouTube channel a gaming channel, for gameplay of games such as (mainly) Fortnite, Freedom Planet, Geometry Dash, Enter The Gungeon, Minecraft, Terraria, and Starbound, as well as occasionally some other things I do, such as making Mods (for Terraria & Minecraft), and coding stuff on Scratch. Only a few members, and only a couple are ever online, including myself. May want to also check out my channel first to see if you'd be interested or not; Anyway, have a great rest of your day, and don't forget to wash your hands!
Gaming | Anime
This is a dead server, come help revive it if you want.