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In the events of the Great Diamond War, comes An Aftermath. After the Diamond Authority split into two parts, the tension broke, Homeworld literally broke apart. There was a prophecy long before the Diamonds that stated, "The intersection of Light and Dark will bring calamity to our world." After the war, a treaty was signed that they could continue their colonies separately, but never take over another. Battles still occur, and the gems that followed this became known as Witches and Sages. The Sages followed White's command, while the Witches followed Black's command. Although they have so many differences, rebellions still occur. Although, Steven never exists, and Rose and Pink Diamond are two completely different gems. What path will you take?
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A Steven Universe server focused on the best ship: Peridot and Lapis! Come in and join in on the fun!
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-------------------------------------------------------------- The universe is at peace. After the events on Homeworld two years ago and the recently prevented destruction of Earth, things seem to be looking up for all inhabitants of the known universe. With Gemkinds newfound freedom, more and more Gems have been moving to Earth or other planets, free to explore and find out who they really are. Meanwhile Humanity should never have to fear another threat to their planet ever again, no giant floating hands, no world-shattering crystals and no pink, life destroying liquids! But maybe things aren't as great as they seem, perhaps a new danger looms as these days of peace continue. Only time will tell what is in store for the future of Humans and Gemkind alike... --------------------------------------------------------------
A Steven Universe inspired roleplay-server. None of the canon characters are in this. Gems, fusions, rebels, hybrids, and organics are all available to create and roleplay as.
make a gem. and rp with us!
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Welcome to the Gem Peace! It's a SU fan server that is the friendly derivation of a typical Diamond Authority server! 🌺 Join the Gem peace to make tons of friends :)
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This is a new and active steven universe server that takes place a few yrs after Steven universe future in era 4 well new people welcome also ocs and Canon roles and people can be made so why dont you join the crystal gems for era 4
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Welcome, newly emerged! As you gather, look around at the magnificence of the empire around you. This is homeworld. Relish in the absolute radiance of your diamonds. Ah yes, the diamonds - Moon, Sage, Blood.... With their hands, they have cupped you from nothing and brought you into a state of becoming. Everything you are is because of their brilliance. You know your purpose, follow along the marked paths to be assigned your duties, now marks the beginning of Era 1. ----<>---- ⦓ A gem empire, inspired the hit show Steven Universe. Become a gem, and aid in the growth of the gem dynasty ⦔ ⦓ This group is rated 16+. Due to a plot which will most likely become dark, depict violence, and excessive swearing, as well as introduce themes which have dark undertones - considering and furthering upon the original steven universe show. ⦔ ⦓ A community welcoming to all, with all sorts of fun waiting to be unfolded. ⦔
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Just your normal steven universe rp
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This is our new Server We hope you Enjoy and Like it It Has charting About SU And Stuff Also Rp'ing
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We are a small new server which is the remake of a server which had around 50 members called galaxy warp, galaxy warp was a server that I owned with a lot of admin abuse and I want to move away from that but still loved roleplaying there so I made this server, there are a few similarities and differences but overall I hope you have fun!
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The Crystal Temps Congragate! That means join this server and do a cool pose. The crystal temps is a great and loveable server with nice staff and many Roleplay chats