Community | Gaming
This is a steven universe fan-based server, we want this server to grow and we want all to have fun and be happy
Role-Playing | LGBT
Um server divertido para os fãs de Steven Universe!! Neste server você pode conversar, fazer novos amigos, fazer histórias, Roleplay e muito mais!! Entre e venha se divertir conosco!
LGBT | Art
A Steven Universe server focused on the best ship: Peridot and Lapis! Come in and join in on the fun!
Community | Music
A fledging Steven Universe community that has a goal of uniting individuals of the Steven Universe fandom in creating custom content for everyone to enjoy. (Fan Music Albums, FanFic, Etc) Join today, and help make this concept a reality.  Thank you. ^^
A Steven Universe inspired roleplay-server. None of the canon characters are in this. Gems, fusions, rebels, hybrids, and organics are all available to create and roleplay as.
Community | Entertainment
Community | Entertainment
Peridot yes
make a gem. and rp with us!
Community | Role-Playing
WOSU is a Steven Universe fandom server for members that are here to RP, and members that are here to chat with others! There is no character claiming for roleplayers in this server.
Entertainment | Role-Playing
A great active Steven universe server looking for new members.
Gaming | YouTuber
Do you like Undertale? Do you like memes? Do you like Hazbin hotel and Steven Universe? Well guess what! We have an Undertale AU called Noxxytale, where we voice characters as others! We have characters such as shaggy, fat albert, alastor, spinel, cherri bomb, and more that you can think of! We do streams of Noxxytale often, which is a 2 player undertale we play, and we voice the characters and just have a good time. *We currently moved our streaming server to DISCORD.ME/NOXXY.* We plan to do more Noxxytale/Undertale runs and acquire more voice actors and fans to watch! We are also looking for artists and modders for future ideas! *The server has just been moved to a new one without most people, but the server is currently for updates on the game, the AU itself, and for the little fan community we have for it.* Join us today and you won't regret being a part of this masterpiece!
Community | Role-Playing
Set within an alternative universe where Steven never left Beach City and decided to stay with the gems to help beat his problems as a family. Life couldn’t be better, peace was achieved between Earth and Homeworld, gems and humans were getting along better, and so much more that has happened ever since the peace began. Some gems had even started relationships with other humans and as a result, more gem hybrids have been born! Making Steven no longer the only gem hybrid in existence. Life is always full of surprises, so what will your adventure within the world of Steven Universe bring?
Anime | Community
Server pro fanoušky seriálů a her. Kdykoliv můžeme něco změnit pokud budete chtít. Tohle je family friendly server. Připojit se může každý nad 12+ Zaměřujeme se na hry jako jsou např. undertale/deltarune, warface, r6, pokemoni, mc, paladins atd. Seriály můžou být různé. Od su klidně až po anime. Budeme rádi když se připojíte mezi nás 😊