Entertainment | Science
This is the Universe Server! Meaning it has everything (basically a anything server). There are so many things to do in the server, especially when it is based on anything. We are active and the server is safe! We need more people for the hunger games which are weekly. So please join if you want! :D
Science | Art
We are a public server focused on astronomy, astrophotography and nerdy space talk! You will find a lot of active astrophotographers / astronomers on this server, together with a self-made astronomy bot that can analyse images, show weather forecasts, give informations about astronomical objects, etc... Are you an astronomer yourself, or just want to learn / talk about space? Then this server is for you :)
Community | Gaming
WELCOME This is Delta Discord! We are a new and slowly growing community-based server! •WE OFFER• ►Giveaways! We have giveaways extremely often, Ranging from Steam Keys, Nitro and Custom Roles! ►Rank Roles! Special roles buyable using UnbeliavaBoat Currency! ►A work in progress custom bot! ►Staff Applications! We are looking for staff to help our server! ►Partner Team Applications! We are looking for Partner Managers to help our server grow!! ►Partners! Where looking to partner with many servers to help our servers grow! ►Lots of fun bots to enjoy yourself! ►Fair and simple rules! ►And Self-Roles!! •So come join the community at Delta Discord•
Role-Playing | Community
Med-RP space-themed RP server with multiversal travel. More info inside!
Community | Role-Playing
WOSU is a Steven Universe fandom server for members that are here to RP, and members that are here to chat with others! There is no character claiming for roleplayers in this server.
Gaming | Meme
Testificates Universe is chill place for everyone.
Gaming | Community
Did you ever found gaming servers boring or tired to add one server for one game only? Look no more. Game Universe is prepared to bring you the best experience, while meeting new members for all sort of popular games, without having to look for party members everytime. Invite your friends, and play in our servers, you will find new people and who knows, maybe new friends to play!
This is a roleplay game where you can colonize planets, explore worlds, build, farm, expand empires, fight wars, and achieve