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Acesta este server-ul oficial a serverului CrimeZone Romania RP
❖dιaмondѕ dιѕaѕѕocιaтə❖ Heya and welcome to Diamonds Disassociate, this is a role-play server mainly about Steven Universe, this is also an AU meaning Alternate Universe so instead of Pink turning to Rose it’s about how the diamonds argued, separated, and started a war, a war that still lasts to this day. ⟡Roleplay⟡ ⟡Be apart of Sardonyx Tonight⟡ ⟡Spy on other Diamonds and infiltrate their information on war tactics⟡ ⟡Become a gem⟡ ⟡Serve your Diamond⟡ ⟡Or become one..⟡ ⟡But most importantly.. have fun!⟡ https://discord.gg/gkQtP8
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Welcome to our server! Anyone is welcome! We are mostly active on weekends but that doesn't mean we don't talk during the weekdays! We are looking for more members to get our server a bit more active. We are both a discord/ and Roblox group. You do NOT need to have Roblox in order to join though!
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Rocket League Scrimmage Finding Service
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Diamond Advertising, 35+ channels to advertise, custom bots, non-server advertising! Join to see!
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Hi, I am Chrissy, I am a 17 Year old who is looking to sell products I make. The products I sell are Hide-Away jars, Diamond Dot Pictures, and Melty Beads. I use paypal for payment.