Social | Anime
We're a small group of people trying to keep a dying server alive, Wanna help us?
Role-Playing | Bot
The Underground is a WIP RP Server based around the criminal underworld with a twist! looking for staff read the description!
Gaming | Social
This is a roblox related server but you can chat about other games too, we mainly play arsenal and you can meet some professionals too! We have active members who would play with you if you ask them too and respect our player base.
Gaming | Community
This is a Discord for all of your gaming needs! Join us here and just relax while meeting new people! We have a custom bot that makes channels for you and your friends, as well as public parties. This is the BEST place to join and find others to play with, no matter WHAT you're playing! Join now!!
Anime | Programming
[DevAi] Developer Center. Me and the current staff team created this as support to countless developers stuck alone, we starting small with a friend group, yet wish to expand our support to many others. As we ourselves are developers, our server will have a custom bot to handle things.. if things go well this one will go opensource as well as the libraries we'll create.
Growth | Community
Diamond Advertising, 35+ channels to advertise, custom bots, non-server advertising! Join to see!