Community | Art
do you like art? acting? emo music? well i have the server for you! fandom land is a server for any type of fandom. if you dont see one you like, just ask to add it! meet people who share your interest share art post memes chat you can do all those in fandom land! join today!
Support | Social
Welcome to equally loved! We are a community that loves and supports the differences in people, and we hope that you would like to be a part of that 🙏💙 We might not be a big community, but don’t make that stop you from joining 😊💙 We have #self-roles and #Color-roles and we have support channels for you to open up or just vent about anything that’s going on in life. We have voice channels and bots for fun and for music. We’re friendly and welcoming, and we would love to get to know you and have you in the server as a part of this small community. So please join if you think this server might be something for you, remember. You can always leave if you don't like it, but you should definitely give it a go before you decide, thanks 💙💙💙
Community | Anime
A small, comfy and cosy community ~ best for anyone who has a soft, cute or sensitive personality to make friends who are the same.
Gaming | Community
PhiWorld is your place to be! We just started out and you may be our first member! We feature chatrooms and voicechannels. Make friends and talk about things here, in PhiWorld
Social | Community
Welcome to Halcyon a very chill and aesthetic community where you can vibe out and do anything you want.
Community | Social
Welcome to Sprinkles! 🌸 This is a cute sweets themed server dedicated to all things cute (like you) and making sure you have an amazing and fun experience here! Make friends, chat, earn currency, and just enjoy the server!