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Crypto | Community | Trading
Join a 7 years old Server to get Trading Signals, IDO allocations and Market Analysis with a team of 7 professionals.
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Crypto Rand's Group - Trading & Discord Server Banner
Crypto Rand's Group - Trading & Icon
Crypto | Community | Trading
Join a 7 years old Server to get Trading Signals, IDO allocations and Market Analysis with a team of 7 professionals.
Vellore tamil Icon
Community | Entertainment
Lots of fun and fast growing Tamil server with lot of friendly persons!! Weekly events etc join have fun
MobileLegends Academy Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Mobile Legends Academy is a Newly Created server for people across the SEA and EU server to make friends and improve their game skills by training with us. We welcome all language people and make our server fun for everyone..
Vanakam Tamil | Community Icon
Community | Entertainment
Vanakam Tamil is a Tamil Community Server ,Friendly Server , Chating and Fun over here ? Existing Giveaway ✨ Daily Voice chat and Friendly staffs :) one of the most active server <3
Frosty Development Icon
Community | Design
Best community server. Community Server is a web-based platform that enables companies and organizations to build dynamic online and offline communities quickly and easily. Community Server features include email lists, discussion forums, blogs, newsgroups, galleries, file-sharing and content-management capabilities, and much more.
The South Conclave Icon
Entertainment | Community
சவுத் கான்கிளேவ் 2800+ உறுப்பினர்களுடன் வளர்ந்து வரும் தமிழ் சர்வர். உலகம் முழுவதிலுமிருந்து வேறுபட்ட உறுப்பினர்களைக் கொண்ட ஒரு சிறந்த சமூகம் எங்களிடம் உள்ளது.நாங்கள் இருபத்தி நான்கு மணி நேரமும் செயலில் இருக்கிறோம் .எங்களிடம் திறமையான உறுப்பினர்கள் உள்ளனர், அவர்கள் அற்புதமான கதை சொல்லும் திறன்களால் சேவையகத்தை மகிழ்விப்பார்கள். நாங்கள் பலவிதமான Botகளுடன் விளையாடுவோம் . பல்வேறு வீடியோ கேம்களையும் நாங்கள் விளையாடுகிரோம். தயங்காமல் அரட்டை அடிக்க உங்களை அழைகிரோம். இரண்டு கரம் நட்டி உங்களை வரவேற்கிரோம் South Conclave is a growing Tamil server with 2700+ members. We have a brilliant community with members of all ages varying from all across the globe. Our Community plays with a variety of bots, PC and mobile games. We also host a lot of Giveaways (Such as nitro, spotify premium etc) Feel free to drop by and have fun! We welcome you with open arms :D
TheGenshinGang Tamil Icon
Community | Gaming
Hey guys ! This server is made for The connectivity of the Tamil players. We are happy and welcome to have u guys with us .Feel free to join chats And have a healthy gaming. Thank YOU for joining us
Auric Realms Icon
Design | Community
Auric Realms is a place where the community of Graphics and nerds meet together. We encourage the communities to share their work and Knowledge. Hey there Auric Realms members How you guys doing? It's been awhile AURIC REALMS has been in touch with you guys. Hope you and your families are safe in this pandemic and Auric Realms sends much love to you guys❤️. We are now happy to announce that AURIC REALMS is evolving and we are now accepting paid Pre-made and Custom works from you guys. Works involving Graphic design, Stream package,Tournament Package, Video Editing, Discord server creation, all type of professional VFX, GFX and so on.
Desi Community Icon
Bienvenue sur notre serveur communautaire Desi ! Ce serveur est l'endroit idéal pour tous ceux qui s'intéressent à la culture, à la musique, à la nourriture, aux traditions et à tout ce qui concerne la communauté Desi. Que tu sois originaire de l'Inde, du Pakistan, du Bangladesh, du Sri Lanka ou d'autres pays de la région, ce serveur est fait pour toi. Rejoins-nous et connecte-toi avec des personnes partageant les mêmes intérêts, des discussions animées et une atmosphère conviviale.
Chennai Discord || Bharat Icon
Community | Business
Chennai rasigar kootam 🤗 meet with new people, make friends and plan meetups arranged my server members themselves, social events and stage entertainment. relax with us. make sure to join us with this cause!
Tamil Kingdom? Icon
Community | Entertainment
Tamil Kingdom? is a Tamil dominated community server,which has lots of games and fun premium bots to interact with and many more.We are conducting many Dank Giveaways,Dank Heists,Premium giveaways and many more. A community with friendly staff,sfw environment,gaming atmosphere,entertainment,fun,music,bots and many more. Join us and be a part of the tamil community.
Tamil Spotlight Icon
Community | Social
We are an online Tamil community with members from all around the globe. You can take part in discussions and connect with like-minded people globally. Take part in movie nights and games nights hosted by our members/staff. There is space dedicated to sharing your amazing photographs/videos as well as showing your love and passion for your favourite movies/shows. We have many members who are here to socialise and connect with new people. We are an evolving community and are open to any feedback. Come join us, let's shape the community together. This community server is associated with the @TamilSpotlight social accounts (most notably on Instagram).
Tamil Book Club Icon
Community | Writing
Welcome to our vibrant book club! Engage in discussions, share book recommendations, and connect with fellow readers. Explore diverse genres and celebrate the joy of reading in a friendly and inclusive community. Language: Tamil & English.
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Sports | Community | Hobbies
Step into the world of Wager Wizards – your ultimate destination for sports betting success. Our Discord houses a team of expert analysts dedicated to delivering top-notch tips and ensuring profitability for our VIP members.
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Wager Wizards Icon
Sports | Community | Hobbies
Step into the world of Wager Wizards – your ultimate destination for sports betting success. Our Discord houses a team of expert analysts dedicated to delivering top-notch tips and ensuring profitability for our VIP members.
Community | Social
🌟 Join Our Growing Tamil Community Discord Server! 🌟 Are you passionate about Tamil culture, language, and traditions? Want to connect with like-minded individuals, share your experiences, and contribute to the growth of our vibrant Tamil community? Look no further! Our Discord server is the perfect place for you. 🌐 What We Offer 🌐 🗣️ Engaging Discussions: Dive into fascinating conversations about Tamil culture, history, and contemporary issues. 📚 Language Learning: Learn and practice Tamil with fellow language enthusiasts. 🎉 Events & Celebrations: Participate in cultural events, festivals, and celebrations with a Tamil twist. 🌍 Global Network: Connect with Tamils from around the world, sharing their diverse perspectives. 💬 Friendly Community: Interact with a welcoming and supportive group of individuals who share your passion. Join us today and become a part of our growing Tamil family. Your voice matters, and your contributions can help us enrich and expand our community
Fallen tamil Icon
Business | Gaming
Team Fallen is a server created for tamil members all over the world. Here you can laugh,chat,gaming,music,Vc,social and make friends. The community with full of active members and staffs. More events,rewards and giveaways.What are you waiting for?Come and join our community. Vaanga palagalaam…..
Community | Gaming
MALLU HUT is a friendly mallu server for people to hangout and have a good time We are here for you incase of any problems so feel free to ask for help. We also have a variety of things to do at MALLU HUT so we hope you join us and enjoy your stay in the server
H O U R S 💚 Icon
Education | Just Chatting
About Hot Coffee Normally, I stick to tea, but sometimes nothing but coffee will do the trick. Whenever I’m feeling blue or am having trouble shaking off the yawns, this is the frothy coffee method I turn to. Known in India as “Beaten Coffee,” this method can also be used for making cappuccinos and lattes. While I love getting coffee from a trained barista at a cafe, it’s only something I do on special occasions because it gets so pricey! This method for making cafe-style hot coffee produces a delightfully frothy replica for a fraction of the price.
Technology Tamil Icon
Technology | Community
Welcome to Technology Tamil Whether you're a seasoned tech enthusiast or just starting your journey into the world of technology, our Discord server is the perfect place for you. Join us for engaging chats, tech support, advice, and more. Our diverse community comprises tech-savvy individuals from all walks of life who share a passion for innovation and cutting-edge advancements.
Game-Dachi Icon
Gaming | Anime
Welcome to our Tamil Nadu Squad Hangout! 🌟 Where the vibes are as chill as a coconut tree on Marina Beach. 🏖️ Join us for some epic gaming sessions, Gacha battles, and anime watch parties. 🎮🎉 Whether you're a fellow Tamilian or just someone who digs our vibes, come kick back, relax, and vibe with us! 💙✨ well its an AI-generated 💀💀💀
KASAII_Cartel Icon
Gaming | Just Chatting
Looking to team up, strategize, and dominate the battlefield? Join us on our Discord server dedicated to Call of Duty: Mobile, Genshin Impact! Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting your journey, our server is the perfect place to connect with like-minded players, share tips and tricks, and coordinate matches. What we offer: 🔫 Dedicated channels for discussing strategies, loadouts, team comps and game updates. 🎉 Events, tournaments, and custom matches for players of all skill levels. 💬 Active community where you can chat, make friends, and form squads. 📢 Updates on the latest CODM and Genshin news, patches, and events. Join us today and level up your gaming experience!
Ithu Namma Area Icon
Community | Just Chatting
Lively Tamil Conversations: Chat and share experiences in Tamil. Exciting Events: Participate in fun events and activities. Safe and Respectful Space: NSFW content is strictly prohibited to ensure a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.