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Servidor focado na comunidade de Team Fortress 2. Aqui conversamos, jogamos e fazemos umas coisas interessantes... Não importa, é TF2, entra agora.
Forged from the remnants of the old r/tf2 Discord Server, this is a group of people who have come together to discuss TF2 and other things that they love. We have friendly staff and members, so head on over if you love TF2. :)
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CS:GO/TF2/Anime/Art/Just Chatting/Movement/Clips/ Havfun! was founded on the premise of finding people to enjoy playing video-games with, an escape from the stressful nature of reality and a chance at not having to worry about our problems. Outside of trying to build a good community, we provide ad-free game-servers handled by Brad. This ensures a fun time on games such as Team Fortress 2, as people don't need to worry about advertising or cheaters (So long as we can help it.) So consider staying, atleast the for the meantime, see how you feel about it and in the end, if you don't enjoy your time here and feel like leaving, tell me what I can do better.
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we do TF2 trading and other things that you will have to find out. the server is dead so we need players to trade with
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I am a tf2 and other game trade bot host, and hour idler host. Join my server for info on prices and any other questions you have which I will happily answer
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K&C's Animal House is a general "just chillin'" community, formerly an anti-cheat group, that prioritizes one thing above all else: freedom, without anarchy. We believe in a fair rule set and carefully monitored staff. Owned by a veteran Discord user, and founded in early 2020, K&C includes top-notch entrance security that is monitored around the clock and nearly raid-proof. We also have plenty of channels for artwork, gaming, furries, music, programming, and our own game servers for Minecraft, TF2, CS:GO and Quake Live.
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A TF2 Discord server for women, trans people, enbies and intersex people to have fun, talk and have a safe space.
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A friendly little gaming community; we normally play TF2, Age of Empires, Gmod, Half Life, and various other games.
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Welcome to PAYDAY Fortress! We are a TF2/PAYDAY Community open for everyone to talk. You can play with other people, participate in events, trade, show your art. Whatever you want to do, you are free to do so here in our community! Welcome to the crew!
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Pootis Network is a community since 2015 running GMOD and TF2 servers. We were the first for VR on gmod and first for Comp 2Fort/Turbine!
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Gaming server network
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Ce serveur a été créé dans le but d'unir toute la communauté de Team Fortress 2 francophone ,si vous cherchez de l'entraide en voici en voilà une communauté qui cherche à aider les joueurs depuis 2017.
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💞 💞 We are community hosting Team Fortress 2 game servers, although we welcome anyone and everyone even if you don't play TF2! 💞 Helltaker friendly discord! 💞 💎 We feature 💎 - Custom Roles (gender roles, colors, and many more!) - Our own level up and currency bot - Active community and staff
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If you like CS:GO, osu!, or any other video game, this server is for you!
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Multi gaming commnunity
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No stress gaming community brought to you by the creators of and, ⭐12+ game servers .(more to come) ⭐Lots of custom emojis ⭐Frequent giveaways. ⭐Meet new people. ⭐Engaged staff team. ⭐TF2, CSGO, Rust and, Dota 2 ⭐Steam group. ⭐Suggestions about game servers and, discord server will be acknowledge no matter what! ⭐Official site
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Fun, social and shenanigans. Rather active, with plenty of interesting people.
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【 In a world full of bland generic servers, Simmonds' House aims to give you something authentic: a place to call home. 】 Simmonds' House is a brand new TF2 community where members are able to come together and just have a fun time - meet new people, talk to friends and even join in on exciting events/giveaways! We want all members to enjoy their time any way they spend it! Some unique things you can expect when joining include: 💠 Custom reaction roles & emotes 💠 A variety of different bots 💠 Very active members 💠 Our own locally hosted TF2 servers (running history’s first fully reimagined PvP Man vs Machine gamemode) 💠 Custom content from the official TF2 Team 💠 And much more! Furthermore, we host our 24/7 game servers out of our own home to ensure low downtimes and a good, lag-free experience for you and your friends! As always, we wish you a good day and hope you consider us!
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Our server gives fellow map builders a place to talk and communicate to each other!
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The server made by you, for you. We are an awesome, small community that is dedicated to improving your gaming experience with our extraordinary dedication to our craft. We welcome any person, animal, or robot of any creed all with our unparalleled love for what we do.
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MochilaBR Gaming Community
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GS2US is an online international and growing up gaming community! We do host a different type of game servers including: Counter-Strike 1.6, Half-Life (HLDM), Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, GTA Samp and many more... Our goal is to make the best gaming experience, making the best possible servers to allow the players to play with low ping and well configured worldwide servers. For the moment we do host both CS 1.6 and HLDM servers, we add servers and more games by time, making the community bigger and better, you are always to check our features as listed below: Website: Forums: Services: List of servers: Players Stats: We allow you as well to download latest non-steam games. Free, Full & totally secured, with a super-fast download and installation speed:
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join if you like gaming and minecraft. Free v-bucks.
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This is a new Tf2 discord as you can tell. Here you can find new people to play tf2 or trade. Meet new people to chat, play videogames, and much more. We are a pretty small chill community and looking forward to meeting new people. (This server is in development and we can appreciate some help on building up the server) Banner made by -poune
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Interested in Team Fortress 2 cut content? This is the place for you!
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Hi! This is an effort to bring ALL of doze gamers under one, single flag! We got tf2, cs go, DnD, everything and anything under the sun in here! So, c'mon! Go check out the effort to unite all gamers under one flag, AGU, All Gamers United!
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+14 Servidores de distintos juegos
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This is PRODANTDMYT's Official Server! If you have any problems you can contact PRODANTDMYT(PRODANTDMYT2) His Discord: PRODANTDMYT#2198 You will be awared with the invited by role! I am Happy to see you join :)!
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Team Fortress 2 Vintage is an community created, open source version of Team Fortress 2.
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The world's most advanced custom Team Fortress 2 servers.
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This is the TF2SwapShop - a TF2 community - official Discord server.
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We are a TF2 Community Server, we have decent moderation and some cool peeps! Join if you like TF2 or just want to chat.
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A place for PUGs and Coaching in TF2.
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Join for games, music, memes and more!!!
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