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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ:・゚✧ We're a chill server with just the right amount of text channels, simple, short and to the point! Come join our new server! ☆.。.:・°☆Accepting admin/mod applications! :・°☆.。.:・°☆.。.:・ :・°☆.。.:・Channels:・°☆.。.:・ - minecraft -theatre -anime -tiktok/memes -music and MORE・°☆.。.:・☆.。.:・°☆ What Bots we got! - Pokecord -uwu Come join the fun!
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This is a new server, but I'd love to create a community of theatre lovers. For those who are just getting into it to those who are die-hard fans, we'd love to have you! From Hamilton and BMC to Hello Dolly!, Phantom, or The Band's Visit, we have a place for you!
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*Just to be clear. This is a discord server for a ROBLOX group call Julian Theatre Network Group* Julian Theatre is the next generation of Theatres across the ROBLOX platform. Julian Theatre has useful bots that can entertain you and help you with scammers. If you ever need help, ask a admin or staff member That's all that needs to be said! Make sure to read newcomer info rules and verify your account in the verify channel by doing !verify Roblox Group:!/about
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À Hamilton Roleplay and AU Server
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This is a server for musicals, but it’s not just a copy of other servers at all! **The entire server is themed, and it’s like you’re in a musical! The first category is Prologue, the next is Act I, then Intermission, and so on. Pretty cool!** To fully immerse yourself in the experience, you can also join role plays! This server is very new, and there’s literally nobody in it except for me, but I know it will be very fun, even with just a few people! Submit your fan fictions or your very own original stories for review! Or you can just show people your writing and discuss it with them, and have fun with it. That’s all I can remember. Join to have fun. Or don’t join if you want to pretend to have fun when you’re really not at full Fun Capacity.
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This is the best StarKid server right now, and possibly that will ever be. The server is small, but it will only grow by joining. If you want a server dedicated completely to StarKid, then this is the only server of its kind you need!
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a community based server for artists all around the globe to share, network and create art together. whether you yourself create art, or you're simply an art lover, you are welcome to come join us!
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This is a community for all who love German language musicals. Are you a fan of Elisabeth? Mozart!? Tanz der Vampire? Rebecca? Anything else? Come join us! This is a very new server, and there are not many members yet. But please don’t let that discourage you. I, for one, would love to talk to anyone who shares my interests.
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Extra, extra! This is my Newsies Discord server! Do you like Newsies? Whether you like the Broadway show, Newsies Live, Newsies (1992), or Hard Promises, this server is your next stop for vigorous discussion, laidback conversation, headcanon-talk, and more! This is a place for all Fansies to interact with one another and bond, whether it be over Newsies or over some other theatrical piece that comes to bind (though it is primarily a Newsies server). There are many opportunities here: -Discussion about all things Newsies! -Self-Roles! -A place to make friends and get to know others who share your interests! -Fun and engaging questions to answer every day! -Memes! What are you waiting for? Join now and watch what happens!
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Goon Theatre 2020 is an online movie theatre with weekly movie screenings through Discord.
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This discord server is use for my very own game and group call “Luxury Diamond Theatre”. Note: This is ROBLOX related. If you join this, you can apply to be a staff and get higher rank in this career. Feel free to join! Currently Status: 3 Members (Discord Server) 4 Bots. (Discord Server) 25 Members (Roblox Group)
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WestWay Productions West End & Broadway Productions in Minecraft We are doing Hamilton: An American Musical! #WaitForIt
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Comgrupos It´s a server to learn about public speaking and language learning,