Community | Music
This is a new server, but I'd love to create a community of theatre lovers. For those who are just getting into it to those who are die-hard fans, we'd love to have you! From Hamilton and BMC to Hello Dolly!, Phantom, or The Band's Visit, we have a place for you!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Do you like roleplaying? This is the server for you! This is a live action roleplay server where you can roleplay as your favorite characters from books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, musicals, and more—so long as they are not animated! Come on in and join the fun! +Chat-based style with literate/semi-literate RP on request. +Minor friendly. +LGBTQ+ friendly. +Transphobia, homophobia, sexism, racism, etc. will not be tolerated and will result in an instant ban. +Friendly environment with lots of opportunities. +Examples of SOME of the things we roleplay in here: The Adventure Zone, Daybreak, Star Trek, Star Wars, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Newsies, Umbrella Academy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Marvel, and more! +What are you waiting for? Join now!
Social | Community
This is a server for musicals, but it’s not just a copy of other servers at all! **The entire server is themed, and it’s like you’re in a musical! The first category is Prologue, the next is Act I, then Intermission, and so on. Pretty cool!** To fully immerse yourself in the experience, you can also join role plays! This server is very new, and there’s literally nobody in it except for me, but I know it will be very fun, even with just a few people! Submit your fan fictions or your very own original stories for review! Or you can just show people your writing and discuss it with them, and have fun with it. That’s all I can remember. Join to have fun. Or don’t join if you want to pretend to have fun when you’re really not at full Fun Capacity.
Community | Social
This is the best StarKid server right now, and possibly that will ever be. The server is small, but it will only grow by joining. If you want a server dedicated completely to StarKid, then this is the only server of its kind you need!
Social | Hobbies
Keyboard Capital is a server where you can talk and get to know people! Here we enjoy anime, movies, musicals, and several other things!
Role-Playing | LGBT
A multi-fandom, live action roleplay server based around a nuclear apocalypse. People are confined to the areas they were in during the nuclear blasts, more or less. It is possible to leave them, but mutated creatures, zombies, and diseases run amuck (they do in their confined areas as well, but it is much worse out in the open). There also runs the risk of radiation poisoning due to exposure. This is global. Civilization is in shambles. Either you're in a group or you're risking being solo while protecting yourself from death or infection. -16+ -LGBTQ+ friendly
Role-Playing | LGBT
Hi! This is a live action roleplay server meant for characters from all live action content, such as TV shows, books, movies, podcasts, etc. The server is Modern AU that can, if desired, keep some aspects of fantasy or sci-fi from individual characters' source material! While the server is group chat based, there are also channels for real life interaction between characters. RP styles in-server include PM's between charas, script, semi-lit, and multi-para. - 16+ only - Regular activity checks (though we don't require daily activity/intensive rp, we don't allow for role hoarding.) - LGBTQ+ friendly! - Opportunities to engage in plots or maintain casual presence! - Cool multifandom character relationships!
Music | LGBT
Staring off as a home for the musical lovers of tumblr, this server has evolved into a space where any musical fan can feel welcome
Role-Playing | Social
Hello! Do you like the musical Heathers?! Well this server is just for you! Rp as your favorite heathers character! (Unless they are taken) If every character is taken we will accept OC's. We have a nice staff team and lots of places to rp in! We allow you to self advertise in one of our channels, you can listen to music in the vcs, we occasionally might have giveaways too! Well thats all, please consider joining!