Gaming | Role-Playing
Another portal to the Toram Online Discord Server it is unnecessary to join this one but events will be handled in this server as well
Gaming | Role-Playing
About ToraNova To Summarize it... ToraNova is a Toram Discord Community that provides its members a service that further improves their gaming experience in Toram. Some Major Features include.. >Friendly Community, specially Staff. >Organized Server. >Bots! (Music, Games, Memes, etc.). >Role Achievements! also custom name color. >Marketplace, also auctions. >Party/Guild Recruit, Notify available users! >Events & Giveaways for verified members. Remember, these are the only few features this server have, there are more to discover
Gaming | Role-Playing
👑 Welcome to G3N3S1S! 👑 🍻We are mainly a hangout and chill server. We host awesome events including daily rewards and giveaways. Everyone is invited. You may even give us suggestions on how to make the server better and we will try our best to make the server as welcoming and fun as we can for you.🍻 ❤ Come and meet our active and friendly community that will make you feel at home ❤ 》Take part in crazy and spectacular events! 🍭 》Discuss about anything you want and enter our rabbit streams 🍿 》Chill Staff that controls cancer ❄ 》Competitions with rewards and giveaways! 🏆 》Show off your karaoke skills! 🎤 》Game rooms for bots like Pokecord and Unbelievable 🎮 》Plenty of Music channels and Private Vcs 🎼 》Hall of Fame & Hall of Shame 🎭 》Full of entertaining and fun people to talk too. 👌💯
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It's a mobile gaming community with various genres like FPS, MMORPG, MOBA, RPG etc. Feel free to join the gaming family.
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== Toram Online Wiki == ------------------------------------ 🏆This is a wiki server dedicated to Toram Online!🏆 Here we provide the following: • Announcements relating to our wiki. • Announces news from Toram Online. • Help anyone who needs help with the game. Please follow all of our rules, especially the main ones: • No Swearing • No NSFW >>More rules will be given within the server. 📢So what are you waiting for! JOIN NOW!📢
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Saints is recruiting! Everyone is welcome to join our server, even if you are not in our guild or don't play toram anymore! 🔰 Active friendly helpful guild and server. 🔰 Loli mascot lead beginner friendly staff and members -nothing strict 🔰 Alot of bot games and addicts 🔰 Active voice ch so u can enjoy music together! 🔰 Baka daily anime and manga recommendations 🔰 For enjoy purpose only Do consider to join our ingame guild if u like our server ^^/