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~A Survival *Trainer-based* Pokemon RP~ The Old World Is Gone. Earth has nothing left for the humans and Pokemon that once lived there. Arceus has gifted the survivors a new life. That is why they've come to Mi-aro. But this new world is not everything it seems... The Pokemon of this planet are hostile, many have several subspecies with different colorations and even different abilities. Not only that, but there are also quite a few that exist here that we've never seen before. The world is untamed and dangerous. If we are to survive here we must band together and colonize the planet. Semi-realistic Pokemon Survival Rp where you can - | Explore new land | Found your own settlements | | Research undiscovered Pokemon | | Create Inventions | Own a shop | Take over the world | ~The Possibilities Are Endless~ Welcome... To the New World!
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We are a new and upcoming friendly FiveM roleplay community. We set the goal to ourselfs to make roleplaying fun for every member of the community and try our hardest to keep on working on the server.