Gaming | Streaming
Servidor para la TWITCHER y sus súbditos.
Gaming | Meme
Servidor SA:MP truck/rpg
Gaming | Community
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Online is een discord server gebasseerd op Truckersmp. in deze discord worden dingen besproken zoals convoois, taktieken en andere dingen. meestal spelen wij in server: simulation 1
Community | Education
The Ford Trucks Discord, for anyone with a Ford!
Role-Playing | Technology
HIGHWAY OUTLAWS If you're looking to join the company please submit an application at After you fill out the external application please head over to and submit your VTC application there as well. At HIGHWAY OUTLAWS we run REAL MILES which means speeds are under 80 MPH ATS. Thanks for coming to our Discord. One of our Admins or Recruiting staff will contact you as soon as we review your application
Gaming | Community
Die Discord-Community für ETS2-Spieler (Euro Truck Simulator 2).