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Yellow's official server! Don't know what else to write
Servidor do youtuber Cadu Gamer
Youtuber Discord
Linking people with verified social media accounts. Do you have a verified Twitter account, verified Facebook profile, etc? Well, now you can link up with people owning verified accounts conveniently in one Discord Server.
super cool server join it
Podcasting, youtubers, video editors, musicians, writers, all kinds of art and talent is appreciated here. 18 and up no exceptions.
Discord Server for my Viewers!
chill and positive apex gamin
Meme | Art
The EmanGamer Discord of Infringirino
Serveur discord de la Team NoMaD
This is a place where you can hangout with other introverts after hours.
This server is dedicated to the one and only Dylan Guptill (Guptill89)
Roblox +, Get notified about new roblox item updates, leaks, tweets & more!
This server is mainly directed to my socials. But is in development for general talking! The server is aimed for 13+ (discord T.O.S) and has fair rules that most servers have.
The best place to meet unturned content creators
We are fan server for a developer named He0t. We allow NSFW, cursing, vc's, and spam. We do have certain channels for these things so they can not disrupt the other users. We hope you have a time in the server!
Além de jogos o nosso servidor também integra, notícias em tempo real sobre o governo e o desenvolvimento do nosso país, e um espaço voltado ao (Trade) do mercado de ações na bolsa de valores.!
✧・゚: ✧・゚: ♡ TEAM SURKZ ♡ :・゚✧:・゚✧ ❀ •• ┈┈┈┈๑⊰ ʚ♡ɞ ⊱๑┈┈┈┈ •• ❀ Server for people who love gaming! ♡ Find players to play with! ♡ Tons of content creators ♡ LEAGUE,CS:GO,FORTNITE,MINECRAFT,AND MORE ♡ Active chats ♡ Memes ♡ and much more!
🎮 Игровая тематика сервера. 👑 Имеется система ролей и уровней. 🎭 Присутствует множество различных ботов, а именно: 🎶 Музыкальные боты работающие 24\7: ◾ Relax. ◾ Chill. ◾ Pop. ◾ Dance. ◾ Trap. 📣 Оповещающие боты: ◾ Раздачи игр для Steam, Uplay, Origin и т.п., ◾ Новинки фильмов. ◾ Выходы новых серий сериалов. ◾ Прочие развлекательные и информационные видео. ◾ Новости киберспорта и игр. ◾ HSFV и т.д. 🔥 Всё более подробно можете увидеть на самом сервере.
Welcome to Parodyvile! A new and rising server for parody accounts!
Social Media, SEO, and Digital Marketing Discord Server.
The server started off as a community for our community on Instagram in which we post tweets from youtubers/streamers
the official /r/grimes discord ! we'd love you to join ♡
Art, gaming, and spooking things!
🌟 Welcome to heaven. This is a new server based on social interaction and having fun. We're a server where you can date people or just find new friends to talk to. IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED, THEN PLEASE DONT JOIN THIS SERVER. Dark humour and music discussions are welcome. We are a fairly new and are looking for mods! e-boys and e-girls are welcome! features: ~ no strict rules ~ cool game bots like mudae and boxbot ~ new community! ~ up to date with current culture ~ looking for mods ~ giveaways ~ music listening parties ~ LGBT Friendly join today and be apart of this future huge community!!!
Welcome to all walks of life as long as the rules are followed. Intentions of having a good time and having thought provoking discussions. Not necessarily everything about crypto but definitely an integral part of future discussions and of the server. Scammers/Advertisers no trespassing. Automatic crypto charting bot and 5+ important channel relays. Looking forward to meeting new friends and talking about bitcoin/philosophy.