A Minecraft server which offers a vanilla-based experience with minor enhancements to gameplay.
Vanilla Survival Minecraft Server for the political community Politicord! Server IP: politicord.net / mc.politicord.net
Entra ora in uno degli ultimi server cooperativi completamente in Vanilla no profit di Minecraft! Cosa aspetti ad entrare?
Serveur pvp faction cheat vanilla
A small but growing Minecraft 1.15 survival server with an economy with a friendly active player base!
Yukraft is a community-based Minecraft server! Come join our wonderful community of dedicated players!
I have a small, friendly little community! The map is amplified and Vanilla!
Rautalaakso on suomalaisten ylläpitämä Rust-palvelin. Palvelin näki alkujaan päivänvalonsa 2014 loppukesästä, jolloin Legacy-version kehittäminen oli saapunut päätepisteeseensä ja Experimental-versiosta oli julkaistu melko pelattava tekele.
This server was created simply because the official server took down the voice channels. This alternative server is where you can hangout with other players while grinding in the game. Feel free to invite your friends/guildies into the server.
NautilusCraft is a fresh vanilla with player shops. We are currently still growing the server and we would love to have some players come join and have fun and give some feedback on it In the future besides vanilla we plan to have a mini game type area and maybe get events going We would love to see you there!
A Discord server for my semi-vanilla Minecraft server. Always latest versions. Social community. Easy-mode and no PVP.
Lets bring back old school vanilla unturned! Advertise your vanilla servers here and participate in our community (Server is new and in need of dedicated members)
We are a chill server for adults who have a love and passion for WoW Classic. Come hang out, talk about the game, ask "when is the release date?!" and have a good time!
Welcome to the Official Discord Server for the Minecraft server, Aurora! Aurora is a server that includes a vanilla survival gameplay experience with PvP, a vast world, and very few rules. It is a new server that is hosted by Lettres. The server IP Address is currently,
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/K6XQfCC INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/remozgaming/ YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEH9pkUa8BfF057CBhqbJSQ/ OUR SERVERS IN FRANCE: =REMOZ= LIVONIA [EU] |PVP|HighLoot|NoStamina|DayNight =REMOZ= Winter Europe =XPANDED 2.0= Op. BlackOnyx PVP|Loot+|Car+|Clothes+|CustomMap OUR SERVERS IN CANADA: =REMOZ= LIVONIA [CA] |PVP|HighLoot|NoStamina|DayNight =REMOZ= Winter Canada
Rolling along since March of 2019, this is a community built by friends that have played together for several years. The network is fully funded by it's owner and most proceeds go to the developers if they choose to sell anything. Enjoy-Sallaf
Warcraft Goldfarming content on Youtube & Twitch TV SwiftRage
Resto Shaman/Warrior hub for RFC WF runs. https://discord.gg/EvNaGGm
Ectazium est un serveur PvP/Faction FarmToWin Compétitif doté d'une expérience de jeux fluide et conviviale.
Serveur Minecraft Survie Modder Mini-Jeux PvPBox Etc
Underworld Guild for World of Warcraft Classic -> Server Razorgore Horde
minecraft server 1.8 1.9 .1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 MinaPvP SkyBlock SurvivalOP CTW Capture The Wool Skywars Vanilla Buycraft StorServidor Español Hispana