Community | Social
Hello my name is Ori and I'm an owner on this server. I run it alongside Rika the co-owner. We are a friendly server. Our goal is to have a safe space for everyone. We are 16+ so sorry underaged this server isn't for you! We offer many things on this server like: Fun chats Verification Catfish protection Safe Spaces Helpful Staff A Degenerate Zone for the 18+ GnD for Fellow Lovers of DND
Gaming | Meme
Fun community for gamers, memers, and interactive people. We have reaction roles, currency, and starting events for everyone to be a part of. We are now starting to partner and are actively searching for able bodied staff members to assist in the growth and maintenance of the server!
GateKeeper, The best bot to manage Age Verification on your server to make your verification process smooth and easy for your users
Furry | Gaming
Furry, SFW based Fortnite Server where Furries no matter what platform or skill level can search for people to play with!
Community | Gaming
this is a lowkey server with an overall chill vibe. place to chat, share memes, voice chat & listen to music. 18+ with easy verification & active members and staff.