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The Hidden World is a semi-realistic roleplay server with a storyline set in the How to Train Your Dragon universe. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and accept writers of all skill levels. Be advised that our roleplay contains the following: blood and gore, mild sexuality, substance use, and trauma.
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Role-Playing | Writing
Once, long ago, the Realma Siremund stood united to bring about a time of peace. What brought them together is unknown, but there are tall tales of each of the three kingdoms fighting side by side against a great, common enemy. Obviously, they won, and their opponent was lost to time after their defeat. However, centuries of union were shattered when, 70 years ago, the Nords broke off from the ancient Alliance. Now, Heawarane and Sanguine are in a weakened state without their perfected trifecta. Meanwhile, the Nords grow in strength and numbers, with rumors of their coming invasions sending fear through the rest of the population. What you'll find in Siremund: -helpful staff and in-depth lore -semi literate to literate roleplay -a range of factions and fantasy races for your character -A welcoming space for people 16+
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Role-Playing | Community
The Northern Kingdom is a revived project and roleplaying server we have been working on for a while. While mostly freeform RP, it does have dicerolls involved as well as a very basic D&D stat system intended not to get in the way of roleplay.
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Role-Playing | Sports
Seid gegrüßt! Ihr seid ein Mittelalter und/oder Larp Fanatiker? Schaukampf oder Vollkontakt ist euer ding? Nun dann wisst ihr sicher auch das es in der großen weiten Welt schwer ist an Stabile, handfeste, taugliche Ausrüstung zu kommen. Sicher habt ihr auch schon den ein oder anderen Fehlkauf begangen. Doch keine Sorge ihr habt die Kraft andere nun zu warnen und zu beraten damit sie sich nicht auch vergreifen (das ist doch wohl nur ehrenhaft). Das Wirtshaus öffnet seine Türen um Händler, Güter und weiteres untereinander zu diskutieren. Komm doch auf ein Bier und ein paar gute Ratschläge ins Wirtshaus! Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch!
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Valhalla is a Viking themed server where we strive to provide a quality experience for all who join! We are a new server and I hope you give us a chance. The server isn't strictly restricted to viking related stuff only, we are welcome to all.