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Pathfinder/Shooters/random dwarf attacks! The Official Home of KeyholeStudios.
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Astra Militarum is an ArmA 3 unit that's follows the storyline of Warhammer 40k. What we have to offer: 🔹 Warhammer gameplay. 🔹 Weekly ops. 🔹 Active Staff. 🔹 Many regiments to join. 🔹 Friends. Basic Requirements 🔹 Must be at least 16 w/ exceptions 🔹 Must own a legal copy of ArmA 3 🔹 Follow Discord Guidelines 🔹 Remain active We hope to see you on the field.
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Beyond, one of the oldest servers on discord. Synthwave and Hell themed for your personal enjoyment!
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We greeting you! You are on the channel of the Command & Conquer 3: Kane´s Wrath game — the main purpose of this channel is to find the players for online gaming and discussion of news and other events in CnC Universe etc. Before you start using this channel, make sure you read and understand the Rules and server-navigation.
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A Discord server for All editions of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) As well as Age of Sigmar: Soulbound.
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Alberta Tabletop Games is a Discord Server for tabletop games and players in Alberta Canada. We have spaces for tabletop roleplaying games, miniature wargames, collectable card games etc.
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We are a kind active community who activily discusses DND, LARP, computer games and more.
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deutscher Warhammer Odyssee Discord Server Tretet noch heute bei und werdet Teil unserer deutschen Warhammer Odyssee Community
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A small but growing community for discussion of all things 40k, AoS or Fantasy! Check us out! Help our community grow!
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Get deployed on the Mortemos system and serve the Emperor today!
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An Arma 3 Laid back Milsim Community based in the Warhammer 40k Universe.
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Close-knit, Social, gaming, warhammer40k,
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Cyberpunk, literate roleplay server with active staff, friendly community, quests and allowance of casual and story based rp. We have our own wiki of lore and an optional dnd campaign.
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(join at your own risk)
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Hello everyone! this is server about Warhammer40k! If you like games and scale modeling it is for you. :D
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A Discord community of friends for gamers and non-gamers.
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The Warhammer Community is a brand new discord server that is focused on all things Warhammer. We are a laid-back community that discusses everything relating to the tabletop, lore, and video games such as Total War: Warhammer II, Vermintide 2, as well as many others. Whether you're a fan of Fantasy, 40k, or Age of Sigmar, all are welcome here.
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Beltrope Is a general TTRPG server. Our main focus is on Warhammer, And D&D but all TTRPG discussions are welcome.