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Investing | Crypto | Business
We are Wall St. Bible LLC, we have over 60k+ members, an LLC with the state of California so we are a registered business. WE PROVIDE OPTIONS AND STOCKS SIGNALS TO ALL OUR MEMBERS. Swing trades, day trades, and penny stock picks. Results speak for themselves, let's get this money! God is good!
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Wall Street Bible LLC Discord Server Banner
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Investing | Crypto | Business
We are Wall St. Bible LLC, we have over 60k+ members, an LLC with the state of California so we are a registered business. WE PROVIDE OPTIONS AND STOCKS SIGNALS TO ALL OUR MEMBERS. Swing trades, day trades, and penny stock picks. Results speak for themselves, let's get this money! God is good!
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DIY | Gaming
Come and down to Guzzlers Gemtastic Model Mayhem for discussions about every aspects of scale modelling! This includes Tanks, Aircraft, warhammer and many more! We also like to discuss about gaming like WarThunder.
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Role-Playing | Hobbies
A Discord server for All editions of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) As well as Age of Sigmar: Soulbound.
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Gaming | Hobbies
Alberta Tabletop Games is a Discord Server for tabletop games and players in Alberta Canada. We have spaces for tabletop roleplaying games, miniature wargames, collectable card games etc.
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Streaming | Tabletop
We are a kind active community who activily discusses DND, LARP, computer games and more.
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Business | Hobbies
Welcome to E4 Cards and More! We are Bend Oregon's Premier trading card shop. Here at E4 you can find Pokemon, Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards as well as tabletop miniatures like Warhammer 40k and a large selection of board games. Come see us today!
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Gaming | Xbox
We are a community of casual gamers who organise and host multiplayer sessions for various older and/or less popular video games on PS3 and Xbox 360. If you are looking for a group of people to play your favourite games in multiplayer, join our ranks! Games we mainly focus on: - Crysis 2 (Xbox 360) - Tomb Raider 2013 (Xbox 360 & PS3) - Space Marine (PS3) - Call of Duty: Classic (Xbox 360 & PS3) - Enemy Front (Xbox 360)
Role-Playing | Community
Get deployed on the Mortemos system and serve the Emperor today!
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Gaming | Hobbies
An Arma 3 Laid back Milsim Community based in the Warhammer 40k Universe.
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Social | Hobbies
Close-knit, Social, gaming, warhammer40k,
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Role-Playing | Community
Cyberpunk, literate roleplay server with active staff, friendly community, quests and allowance of casual and story based rp. We have our own wiki of lore and an optional dnd campaign.
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Hobbies | Gaming
Hello everyone! this is server about Warhammer40k! If you like games and scale modeling it is for you. :D
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Entertainment | Beliefs | Emoji
Dystopian Darksynth server. One of the oldest servers on discord. Inspired by Warhammer 40K and DOOM.
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Social | Community
ChillZone is a very addicting, super active, chatting server with over 400,000 members. We have constantly active text chats & voice chats, a custom bot, gangs, gambling, and lots more!
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Social | Community
ChillZone is a very addicting, super active, chatting server with over 400,000 members. We have constantly active text chats & voice chats, a custom bot, gangs, gambling, and lots more!
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Hobbies | Art
Il server Discord della community di Stefano117, un luogo dove potrai entrare in contatto diretto con Stefano e i suoi contenuti ma non solo, conoscere altri ragazzi e ragazze che vogliono condividere le proprie passioni, da Warhammer al modellismo, passando per videogiochi, serie TV, GDR, fumetto e ancora tanto altro, non ti porre limiti, i canali vocali e testuali possono accogliere qualsiasi discussione e attività!
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Gaming | Community
LFM official realm cata+ players. We are a UK/EU/US English community but we accept players from all over the world. This discord server is a temp server for recruiting skilled players for the main discord server where the active players are.
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Gaming | Social
Greetings Sons of Sigmar! We are a PC gaming discord which plays lots of Vermintide 2, the majority of us are US/EU Discord players but anyone is welcome to join us. We are primarily a Legend/Cataclysm/Cata+ Discord although all difficulties are played to some extent. We also play a good amount of other games aswell like Total War, Warhammer, Dawn of War (mostly Unification/Crucible), Left 4 Dead 2 and occasionally Phasmophobia and even Yu-Gi-Oh, and anything else anyone else wants to play or just join and chat really I'm up for what ever. Our discord only has two rules: Respect your fellow sons and daughters of the Empire and and all NSFW belongs in our Slaanesh's Realm category.
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Tabletop | Hobbies
Welcome to TTS Warhammer Wankers! we play all forms of Warhammer on Tabletop Simulator from the Old World to the 41st Millennium we have it all! We are welcoming of new players and have all required mods in a coinvent channel. I hope you all enjoy☄️
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Community | Hobbies
Warhammer 40,000 Dark Eldar community server. Talk about your latest raids or relax to the sounds of anguished slaves in the pits of Commorragh!
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Tabletop | Role-Playing
Hi there ! Warehouse 51 Games is a local game store in Palm Harbor, FL. We host for games such as warhammer and magic, as well as have a large dragonball tcg and digimon tcg community. You can meet up for dnd here with your groups or come in to buy anything needed for anything previously mentioned ! Join the discord to meet up with other people in the area outside of store events to fit in things like kill team games or just to play a couple rounds of a card game.
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Role-Playing | Social
Join our tight-knit community in our effort to tell meaningful, fun, exciting and dark storylines in the 41st millenium! Wether you like short one-shot style missions or long lasting campaigns to conquer planets or star systems we have everything for you! With our new and exciting WARZONE System we try to put the scale of warfare within the Warhammer universe into text-based roleplaying, come join and check out dynamic and player influenced stories! Discord 4 0 K is a diverse server for anyone who wishes to have a fun and interactive experience as their favorite Imperial Faction. In the Heran Sector, the Deathwatch of the Ordo Xenos, aided by others such as the Adeptus Sororitas, Astra Militarum, fend off against the horrors of the Grim Dark future. Take up your mantle and start your adventure. -GM based mission structure -Player motivated -Events and lore interactions -Rank system. -Imperial Only Banned Factions: -Grey Knights -Custodes -Sisters of Silence -Titans/Imperial Knights
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Gaming | Hobbies
The StartSpeler discord is a community hosted by the local boardgame and hobby store StartSpeler, which keeps its focus on Trading Cards (magic the gathering, flesh and blood, pokemon, disney lorcana, ...), Miniature games and painting (Warhammer, Star Wars, Bolt Action, ...), Role Playing Games (Dungeons & Dragons) and Boardgames.
Golden Throne Woes Icon
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Warhammer 30,000: Golden Throne Woes is a 30k Roleplay server set in a universe wherein most of the canonical characters are non-existent. Instead, their spots are ripe for the taking... by you! Primarchs and Legions are available for claiming, awaiting creation. We offer you a welcoming and inclusive community, where our priority is fun and your well-being. Rest assured that we are not here to talk about real world politics, or argue about controversial real life drama: we are here to escape the realities of life, to have fun! While we took some alterations to the lore, the timeline remains mostly the same. That is when YOU come in. You have the power to influence the lore, to change the course of history, for better or worse. You also have the power to join this server. Why not take it?
Golden Crusade Icon
Hobbies | Role-Playing
Welcome to the Golden Crusade! Step into the immersive world of Warhammer 30,000 and beyond in our dynamic server, where players have the power to shape the fate of the galaxy. Whether you dream of commanding your own custom Primarchs in service of the Imperium of Mankind, fueling the flames of humanity as a Warlord, or forging your path as a custom Xenos, the possibilities are endless. In this alternate Universe of the Imperium, history takes a different course, and you have the opportunity to make your mark. We welcome players of all experience levels, so don't worry if you're not a seasoned veteran. Dive in and let your imagination run wild! Join us for captivating story-based roleplaying experiences, where your choices carry weight and consequences ripple through the galaxy. Unleash the powers of your psykers and tip the scales of fate in your favor. Every decision you make, every action you take, will shape the course of history. At the Golden Crusade, we believe in fostering
Warhammer Heresyposting Icon
A warhammer gatekeeping server with little rules. Warhammer isn't a hobby for liberals and never will be.
[WH30K] The Indomitable Spirit Icon
Role-Playing | Community
The end of the Great Crusade draws near, but the Legiones Astartes cannot rest. Aboard the ‘Indomitable Spirit’, a Battle-Barge in the service of the 773rd Expeditionary Fleet, there are thousands upon thousands of Astartes eager to prove themselves and cleanse the galaxy of what’s left of the Emperor’s enemies. The Raven Guard, Iron Warriors, Imperial Fists, Space Wolves – at least one marine of every single Legion has been summoned here under the jurisdiction of Ultramarine Nemesis Captain Dracos Rex. Your characters will roleplay on the vessel in between campaigns. You can partake in training simulations, fight breaches on the ship, socialise with your brothers; the possibilities are many. Every once in a while there will be large-scale deployments on hostile worlds where you cooperate with the other participants, overseen by Game Masters whose role is to make the narrative as engaging as possible for the players. It is up to you to make your own story.
Ramen Hangover Icon
Community | Anime
Looking for staff members! A small server looking to grow with as much people as possible, see you there!
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Ramen Hangover Icon
Community | Anime
Looking for staff members! A small server looking to grow with as much people as possible, see you there!
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Community | Gaming
The Eshin Squad is a PvP-focused community encouraging online gaming. We primarily recruit PvP players who excel in the realms of Murder and Assassination. We are players who relish the roles of ruthless criminals, ready to mercilessly slaughter you during PvP activities if necessary. We form a mature, versatile, and highly active community, boasting over 100 members, indifferent to your gender, origins, cultures, or fur colors. As long as you can wield a weapon and take a life, we welcome you warmly. Eshin Squad upholds the values of betrayal, cunning, and mistrust. Thus, we focus on training informed and pragmatic members who prioritize survival and wise decision-making in potentially hostile environments. In recruitment, Eshin Squad values the unloved rats, individuals with questionable reputations, those expelled from their guilds, deserters, and cowards, as well as those with social difficulties and even troublemakers. Give them a another chance to use theirs "Defects" skills.
CnC3: Kane´s Wrath Icon
Community | Gaming
We greeting you! You are on the channel of the Command & Conquer 3: Kane´s Wrath game — the main purpose of this channel is to find the players for online gaming and discussion of news and other events in CnC Universe etc. Before you start using this channel, make sure you read and understand the Rules and server-navigation.
The Lorin Sector: A 40k RP Icon
Role-Playing | Social
The Lorin Sector is an Imperial Sector in the Eastern Fringes caught between the T’au Empire, Realm of Ultramar, the Exodite Worlds, the Jericho Reach, and the Scourge Stars. Conquered by Lord Militant Solo during the Pale Crusade during the Golden Age of the Imperium of Man, it is home to many heavily populated and rich worlds, it lies a great distance from the Heartland of the Imperium. Its First Governor was Jonah Tormada, one of the Greatest Generals within Lord Militant Solo’s Circle. Meanwhile, Lord Militant Solo is an Imperial Saint of the Imperial Guard, while House Tormada still wields the office of Governor, with the current Governor being Rathanael Tormada, Fifth to his Name, Governor of the Lorin Sector by the Grace of the God-Emperor, Blessed be his Name.
Eastern Kentucky Wargaming Icon
Tabletop | Gaming
Eastern Kentucky Wargaming is a discord community for those who love tabletop wargaming and role playing. We are looking to create a warm and inviting space for casual and fun gaming, assembling/building, painting and 3D printing.
40,000: Galaxy Unfolding Icon
Role-Playing | Community
Step into the grim and immersive universe of our Warhammer 40,000 role-playing server, where the shadows of the 41st Millennium conceal untold secrets and unimaginable threats. Forge alliances and navigate treacherous plots as you carve your fate in the dark tapestry of the Imperium. From the haunting corridors of drifting space hulks to the clandestine chambers of Inquisitorial intrigue, our server invites you to become a pivotal character in an ever-evolving narrative. Join fellow warriors, heretics, and xenos alike in a world where survival demands cunning, courage, and a constant dance on the precipice of damnation. Embrace the darkness, for the galaxy is a vast and unforgiving expanse, and your story awaits.
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Gaming | Community
Erlebe den Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 und Darktide Deutsch, Vermintide, Space Marine 2, Realms of Ruin Deutsch Discord Server für Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz. Auf unserer deutschen Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 und Darktide Discord Community findest du alle aktuellen News, Updates, Antworten auf Fragen und Leute zum gemeinsamen Zocken. Unsere professionelle Leitung und kompetenten Moderatoren stehen dir jederzeit mit Rat und Tat zur Seite, um deine Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 und Darktide-Erfahrung zu verbessern. Sei Teil unserer engagierten Community und erlebe alles, was das Herz begehrt. Melde dich noch heute bei unserem deutschen Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 und Darktide Deutsch Discord Server an und tauche ein in die Welt von Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 und Darktide, powered by Zenial Network. https://discord.me/Warhammer40k
Fall of the Aquila Icon
Role-Playing | Community
Welcome to a server dedicated to an RP Campaign for Warhammer 40k! Here, you will get a chance for your characters to shine, and to bring glory to your home! Will you fight for the Imperium as an Imperial Guardsman, defending against the horrors of the galaxy, in the name of the Emperor? Will you be a temporary ally, doing what is necessary to serve your own goals? And most importantly, Can you survive? Does the Emperor truly protect? Here, anything you can think of is possible, but just remember, In the darkness of the 41st Millennium, there is Only War. FOR THE EMPEROR! Note:The Campaign hasn't started yet, so if you join, there IS time to get ready without worrying about having to join half-way in. The owner is willing to help with anything you need! The Campaign is primarily focused on Imperial forces, especially the Imperial Guard, though exceptions can be made. You are allowed to be almost any kind of character (within reason). Will you uncover the galaxy's secrets?