discord server where weebs, otakus, and gamers alike can share their similarities in a friendly, fun environment and get to meet new people and interact with bots with fun games n such. Expect giveaways, activities, events, and more!
Talk about anime here in the Anime server
Love Japanese Culture? Love anime? Looking for love? Getting raped by puberty? We've got the place for you!
We’re looking to accumulate folks to create a laid-back atmosphere where we can all just hang out and do our thing. If that’s something you’re down for, we welcome you with open arms. Our server is simply a place to make new friends. There are no plans to allow it to become overwhelmingly large. Just friendly, and easy to talk in!
Weeb Out We let our weeb and gamer out you know? This gets the crazy out when you feel to repressed in reality to express yourself!
BAP Scans is also known as Best Absolute Perfect, it was named as a fan group for the Korean Boy Band by Lily, Bread, and Mango who founded the group. It is now only a manga scanlation group that does it unofficially and for fun purposes.
This server is an asian based community (tho all are welcome) we are primarily focused on freedom of speech, memes, and having an all around good time. we are a pretty chill server as-long as you follow the very few rules that we do have. join us, make a few friends and have fun!
Small, weebish, community, friendly
Hello, this is a meme server so don't take this too seriously lol What we have to offer: friendly members, lots of bots, lots of topics to discuss in different channels and maybe even some fun events in the future :3 Our server is in English and Dutch, but we mainly use English on this server .w. If you're interested in a not so serious discord server, come and join in! owo