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➸ 「A small community by witches, for witches!」 ➸ 「MysMea is the ideal hangout for people who believe in and/or practice:」 ✰ Occult ✰ Wicca ✰ Witchcraft ✰ Paganism ✰etc. ➸ 「Although this is an ideal place for these people and these beliefs, we welcome others of all religions and beliefs as long as you're open-minded!」 ➸ 「We welcome everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or anything of the sort. <3」 ➸ 「We welcome you to join us! We're really small and would love to have you as a part of our sweet little community.
Beliefs | Community
This server is for everything witchcraft
Beliefs | Community
We are an 18+ group for Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, and other people on a spiritual path to come together to learn and grow. This group is also open to those who are considering these paths, or would like to learn more.
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Multi-Faith discord server. Wide range of members from various faiths, all discussing, debating and learning about their own religion and others.
Beliefs | Community
I'm hoping to build a supportive Pagan/Witch community full of people who learn from and help each other. I wish to gain plenty of new members who are interested in Paganism and witchcraft. Please read the rules upon entering. Please don't join with inappropriate profile pictures or usernames. We accept people from all kinds of backgrounds and places. Whether you want to come in the server to learn, teach or maybe even both you're accepted with open arms! If you're interested or simply want to come in and give some feedback feel free to join. I hope this description has served it's purpose and I hope you would consider joining our active community. Blessed be! <3 Some good features we have: -A channel full of resources for beginners -Plenty of reliable information -Weekly study groups -Self-assignable roles -Fun bots like OWO, Mantaro and Rythm -Events -Annual Witch Prom -MEMES And more!
Beliefs | Community
Magica Consortium Provides the Following: a welcoming space for all to join, learn and commune. a supportive and embracing community No Hollywood Magic here
Beliefs | Community
This server was created for soon to be witches of any kind to gather all the information they need to begin.
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Wiccan Server For Eclectic Witches, Vegans And Vegeterians, LGBTQ+, And Hellenic Witches
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The purpose of the server is to be an online communications and advertising tool for small businesses that are Pagan based. We do not mind allowing other types of businesses here but we request they respect the other shop channels and not cause issues. Current shops are offering Pagan supplies Tarot and Oracle reads (some of those are donation and some of those are for payment) jewelry handcrafted tarot bags and mats. We are also looking to expand our shops. If you have a small business we might be what you are needing to boost sales! Blessed Be
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We are a CLG SFW server and we hope to provide you with a safe and enjoyable environment. wicca, witch, system. We provide a safe space where you can express who you are and make friends! We have an age limit 16-25.