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Wrestling Freakin' Action, also known as WFA, is a wrestling e-federation that is based on editing. In here, editors can submit their own titantrons and compete in the road for gold in which the winner gets decided by our community. The matches are then uploaded to our YouTube channel ( in a form of a 1-2 hours long show made in WWE 2K20 with various storylines.
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Wrestling Action Figures official discord! Everyone welcomed! All brands, all eras! WWE, WCW, NJPW, AEW, NXT, TNA, ROH. Join to chat about the greatest latest and classic wrestling action figures. All the news and rumors! Store findings, funny memes, links! Share your fantasy feds, photography and customs! We also have a non-wrestling figures section, all toys welcomed! Jakks, Mattel, Toybiz, STORM, Galoob, LJN.
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Welcome To The Official BCW Server! We do a lot of cool things such as role playing chatting gaming etc I hope you have fun in bcw
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-|NRW|- Nonstop Revolution Wrestling: "Your Ring, Your Story, Your History." ~ Made by the founder and creators of W.orld W.restling A.ction (2008 - 2015) ~
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pro wrestling community for fans by bans to grow the community where we can talk about shows and ppvs
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We are a small community with a focus on thewonderful world of professional wrestling. We hope to have live chats for major wrestling promotions. We want to expand our list of wonderful companies we have channels for but we need to build our community to allow this growth. Hope to see you in the squared circle when you join our little community
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WWE Roleplay, we need active members!
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Classic Japanese Pro Wrestling - community dedicated to talking about the golden past as well as the shining future of Japanese Pro Wrestling. Mostly New Japan NJPW, Dragon Gate, Noah, All Japan AJPW, DDT
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DO YOU LIKE #CATFIGHTS? The new cyber Fight club in Discord is a paradise for Wrestling, #Catfight, MMA, #Sexfight and #Titfight lovers who love to get connected online for #roleplays, #cyber matches and beyond.
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Next up, WWE Extreme Rulesand AEW Fight for the Fallen! Join for great discussions about wrestling, sports, music, video games, politics, life! We are a chill community! We have giveaways, jukebox, trivia, WRESTLING OBSERVER LIVE!
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We’re an active community of wrestling lovers and rp lovers alike. Would you like to join a friendly community where we have general discussions about everything from movies to music to general chat? Wrestling knowledge not needed. This is an open invitation for any and all to come join us.
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Discuss MMA and Anything else with like minded people
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Wrestling discussion
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All Elite Wrestling Official Discord Server.
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Like Wrestling, Fighting Games, Anime and are a Creative? Then this server is for you! JOIN US!
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Official Discord server for Japanese Wrestling - Includes New Japan Pro-Wrestling, STARDOM, DDT and Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling and more!
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We have over 870 members where we seek out only cool and chill people. No bullshit, we have live discussion chats here for EVERY wrestling show as well as MMA. We watch more than just AEW and have live streams every now and then of current and past shows.
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WrestleRealm is a wrestling community trying to unite wrestling fans while being a place to hangout! We have predictions for AEW, WWE, and NXT! We have fun community events, as well as Fantasy Booking Warfare!
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♤ Welcome to the NCG ♤ ♤ Here, you can learn to be the best AEW fighter you can be. Control the strengths within you. Be a fighter.♤ ♤ We teach advanced and rookie classes for all people interested in AEW.♤ ♤ Join the NCG, fight for the oppressed.♤
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A roleplaying server for WWE Fans!
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A new WWE wrestling roleplay based upon the events that are happening on TV, play your favorite WWE wrestler here. Tons of popular roles are open! We're friendly and drama free! Come and join us!
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We are a pro wrestling community that primarily focuses on modding wrestling video games!
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The Official Discord for the Twitch, YouTube & Mixer channel TheItzAidan.
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Welcome to Wrestlecord, We are a server for both hardcore fans & casuals alike. We look to make an inviting community for wrestling fans of any level, whether they have been watching for decades, just decided to watch an episode of RAW, or anywhere in between.