Entertainment | Art
order virtual things (No paying)
Community | Gaming
Hello Lads. This is a community server where everyone can have fun. We have game nights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That's all, Hope you all have fun :D
Emoji | Anime
A server with Anime Yes Emotes for nitro users to use on other fun servers. Enjoy these fun Anime Yes Emojis!
Anime | Art
read the damn server description.
Community | Social
A Friendly Community
eSports | Social
Yes. Enjoy! Make friends!
Community | Gaming
We are active almost every single day, we currently have 2 members (sad life) and 5 bots, but this is a community and gaming server and we would love to see you join <3
Meme | Community
Fun server Events, permanent challenges and more stuff You can do whatever you can imagine Amogus 📮