Shio-ti’s All Stars!!

A cool server for Splatoon, ACNH, and Love Live fans! I was rejected by majority of the other servers I’m in, so pls consider joining!
We have bots :3

About Server

A cool server for Splatoon, ACNH, and Love Live fans! I was rejected by majority of the other servers I’m in, so pls consider joining!
We have bots :3

Recent Posts

Added Love Live Announcements!

Now posting translated posts from the official Love Live Twitter account in an opt-in announcement channel!

Nintendo announcements page!

I also just added a Nintendo announcements page that pings you whenever there is a game or Nintendo direct announcement!

Rythm bots added and working!

I added Rythm and Rythm 2 to the server to use in the music Vc! I think everyone knows what Rythm bot does. You can invite the bot into voice chat and use a command to have it play music for you!

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