Tales of Pirates 3 [MMORPG]

3d Anime MMORPG. Game Launch 11 December 2021 GMT+1. Easy game, many events, supportive GMs. Join Now!

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3d Anime MMORPG. Game Launch 11 December 2021 GMT+1. Easy game, many events, supportive GMs. Join Now!

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Tales of Pirates 3 is Online!

Tales of Pirates 3 is Online!

Play Fast: https://bit.ly/3FMiZX2

Finally the time has come, TOP3 has launched, join now and enjoy events and increased exp rates!

Game Launch 11 December 18:00 GMT + 1

Game Launch 11 December 18:00 GMT  + 1

Tales of Pirates 3 Launch is nearby!


YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Lwo7J8rF6U

LAUNCH SITE: https://www.talesofpirates3.online/

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/xrjDPU5BBk

STARTER GUIDE: https://top3.nicepage.io/

REDDIT: https://bit.ly/3DDVDBs 



LAUNCH DATE: 11 December at 18:00 GMT +1

DOWNLOAD: https://top3.nicepage.io/

REGISTER: https://youtu.be/gVYEjauOWmM


  • 100 Free Daily Crystals (Mall Points)
  • Giveaway Events
  • Several Mini Games

Special Events?

Special events are a series of events only available for a specific amount of time, in this specific case they're going from 11 December 2021 up to 1 Jan 2022.


B-Crystals stands for Bound Crystals. In an MMORPG, the word Bound implies the inability to trade\exchange something with other players. We aim to create a fair game where malicious players are unable to abuse.

Special Event 1:

We're offering 3000 B.Crystals to the player that provides us the highest degree of support during the launch-preparation days (from 24 November - 11 December).

Special Event 2:

Post-launch, create a youtube video* of the game and upload it to youtube, provide us with a valid link and obtain 100 B.Crystals. [No limits, which implies multiple videos reward more B. Crystals, until event expiration]

*Youtube video must be 1 day old to qualify for the reward.

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