Welcome back!

We were able to restore TurismoHub to its (mostly) original state. We are currently missing around 40℅ of our old assets, majority being emotes and stickers, so if you happen to still have them, let us know via #suggestion-box or @ModMail if you please.

Anyway, expect the same old format as before. Our license role system has not been changed and neither will be. You still have to earn level 5 to unlock image permissions and such. All of the old channels are back except we decided to cut league promotion ones (which will be back soon). Also you can still expect your regular GT news, leaks and rumors coming your way!

SERVER ROADMAP: At 100 members: • Introduction of Time Trial challenges • Return of Scapes photo contests • Return of Server Booster perks

At 500 members: • Return of Livery Contests • Introduction of eSports related channels and features • Server Partnership benefits

At 1000 members: • TurismoBot Project Revival • Giveaways • More Server Booster perks • Introduction of Team Battle leaderboards

We hope you'll enjoy your stay here as in the past if you're a returning member. As for the newcomers, well, come on in!