This server's rules are non-restrictive. The general aim of them is to allow as much expressive freedom as possible, whilst condemning in most cases only user-invasive doings, such as the spamming of public channels and the mass-mentioning of individual users.

We have put a great emphasis on reasoning-over-virtue in our rules and in the conduct of our moderators. The stringency of moderators' viewings of member activity is lax and members are not considered so immediately criminal as they are in typical discord servers. Moderators are given explicit instruction to be respectful and non-argumentative when approaching a member, to be unbiased in their conduct, to be restrained in their use of punishment and to make exact specification of the offence that a member has made in the event that they are being warned or punished in any other way. In the event that a member is punished over something that they do not believe to be correct, they have the option to frankly appeal their punishment in the direct messages of any staff member and their appeal will be considered fairly.

We hope that our server governance invites you to speak frankly here. 'The Noodle Knight,' server admin