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A very social server with premium music bots, nitro giveaways, games, activities, promoting your stuff & more! Our goal is be the most fun and inclusive music community on Discord. We plan to grow and maintain a fun, interactive, and close-knit active community. There is a lot to to do here, many friendly people to talk to, games to play, and music to listen to, so come stop on by!
Another server for games and hanging out. We're all pretty much just vibing. Probably play Minecraft and CoD and things like that. Come hang out with us. Pretty rules lax, just basically don't be a complete dick all of the time and you'll be good.
This server is a place for music lovers and musicians alike to hang out and discuss what we all like- music. If you're a musician and music theory fascinates you, or just love discussing songs, this place is for you.
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