The Advertising Network is a community where you can: • Advertise your own server in one of our many channels. • Ability to choose a role colour for your profile, and which pings you want to receive from our server. • Applications open every so often, giving you the chance to work for us! • An active team of staff, on hand to help you grow your own servers. • Server Spotlights. The more you use our network - the more chances you have. So why not join us today, and start networking your own server?
Hey, come bring your servers here!
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Gamer, Undead, Family
We create a cool server for people all around the world to talk and text each other!
[INACTIVE]Discord server which works like teamspeak! (it automatically disconnects people who are not on a voice channel for 10 minutes) Because of that there is no inactive members ^_^! You can create your own channels in the "serve-yourself" category!
We're dedicated to providing a fun and friendly environment for our members.
Rust Gaming Server over 2 years has become a standard in Rust gaming servers. With active player base there is always a server to hop on and fight against others in the amazing game Rust. If you don't have Rust, you are welcome as well, there is no requirement to join to have fun! Come & visit us today!
Are you looking for a growing server, bored of all them other servers that are the same and use the same bots? We stand out we dominate. Find your gaming partner today.
just a very fun and active-ish place ti join, we need more active members and we do community events..giveaways..and etc..everyone is welcome..friendly community growing server
A server for games