Rift Of Magic

Welcome to Rift Of Magic,  a community driven Play to Earn Project where the people decide what happens in the RiftVerse, their magical Metaverse.

Is Rift Of Magic Really Different from other Projects?

We are not here to make millions and leave! (especially in a bear market, duh! We aim a long term project, multiple low supply of 666 NFTs per collections revealed over the seasons. This, ensures that the people buying the NFTs are really passionate about the Rift Of Magic.

As it's a community driven project, it is really important to us that the community is invested in it. So we can go forward together.

What's cooking?

RiftVerse: The Magical MetaVerse of the Rifters Rift Minions: Magical Companions that never leave their masters and give them bonuses if stacked ¤RiftCrystal¤: Token of the RiftVerse, governance and economics GameS: in Plural! In multiple dimensions (2D game incoming) Why should you become a Rifter and get a Genesis NFT?

To sum up, here is why:

Every Genesis yield 66 ¤RiftCrystal¤ a day. Each Genesis with a Rift Minion give a yield bonus. With ¤RiftCrystal¤, Rifters have a governance token that allows them to vote on project decisions. They will be able to exchange item later on the Rift Marketplace. Your NFT = Your avatar in the upcoming games and in the RiftVerse You will receive a 3D version of your NFT

The earlier you join, the more impact you'll have on building the RiftVerse that looks like you.