AfterEarth Ark PvP News

We will be opening Some Ark PvP Wipe Servers This Month!! Current Maps Subject to launch: Ragnarok Extinction Center Valguero

Planned Settings: Server Wipes every 6 Months White Flags [Gentelmens Agreement] No ORP Tribe Count 3 (Allies Off) [Subject to change] Auto Unlock Engrams On (Tek Needs needs Boss Fight to Unlock) Structures Pick up Always on Starter Tools and Armor is in White Drops Dinos 180, Wyverns and Tek dino's are higher 20x's Taming, 15x's Harvest 2x'Stats 5x's Xp Infinite Weight (add 1 Point) 100x's Hatching, 100x's Mature Modded Drops (Red,Yellow,Purple) Except Extinction (Default) Raised Stacks

All Settings are subject to change for balancing

AfterEarth will announce launch date within the week